Summary: The 10th message. This parting of the red sea shows how God often brings us into hard situation to strengthen us for life's battles and to teach us to look to Him. It also shows how the lost and the saved will by separated when Jesus comes in Judgment.

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(Ex. 14:1-15:21)

From Sinai to Canaan

C. The Salvation 1

5. The Crisis At The Sea

1) The Preparation 14:1-4

2) The Pursuit 14:5-9

3) The Panic 14:10-12

4) The Positive Words 14:13-18

(1) From Moses 13-14

(2) From God 15-18

5) The Partition 14:19-20

6) The Parting 14:21-22

7) The Punishment 14:23-31

8) The Psalms (15:1-21)

(1) Of Moses 1-18

(2) Of Miriam, 19-21

There is one good thing about the devil. He never gives up. He is persistent. When Pharaoh and his leaders realized all their free labor was gone, they forgot their fears and went out in full military force to bring slaves back.

And when they did the mightiest miracle in the Old Testament took place. The bigger the problem the bigger we find God to be. The angel of God in the fiery cloud moved been Israel and the Egyptian army. God had Moses raise his rod and wind of God parted the Red sea and the people of God, all two million of them, with their herds “went through the sea on dry ground, with a wall of water on their right and on their left” (14:22).

Satan hates his own people so when the Egyptians saw this, they drove in after them, but God fought for Israel, getting the chariot drivers confused and getting their wheels stuck in the mud. Then God gave the order for Moses to stretch out his rod over the sea. He did and the waters came together and destroyed the entire army of Egypt.


God knows the hearts and plans of the wicked. Knowing Pharaoh’s greed and pride, God sent Israel eastward to Hahiroth by the Red Sea. Wherever it was, it looked like a mistake to Pharaoh (4:3). Israel was “hemmed in” (14:31) on two sides by the desert and the other by the sea.

It wasn’t a mistake. It was a trap to display God’s glory (14:3). God wanted Israel to know He was adequate for any crisis. The power He displayed in the plagues AGAINST Egypt, would now work FOR Israel in the wilderness journey of life.

When God’s will seems to leave you hopeless with nowhere to turn - look up. THE WAY OUT IS UP!

II. THE PURSUIT (14:5-9)

Realizing his financial loss Pharaoh marshaled his army (probably in the thousands), with six hundred of his “best” chariots, plus others and came to where Israel was camped. The sheep, he no doubt thought were there for the slaughter. Pharaoh, however, forgot the Shepherd who watched over Israel. Sadly, so did Israel, for we see next. . .

III. THE PANIC (14:10-12)

The Israelites saw the huge army bearing down and were seized with panic. As they would do for the next forty years, they blamed Moses. They said - did you bring us here to die? Why didn’t you leave us alone? “It would have been better to serve the Egyptians than die in the desert?”


1. From Moses (13-14)

Here Moses stands the tallest he ever stands. While they have been crying out at him he has been crying out to God (14:15). He stands up fearless like a race horse amidst rats and says, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again. The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still: (14:13-14).

When churches are in trouble the kind of leader they need is one who knows. When a family faces the drug culture and the sex culture and the money culture the best defense is a mother and a father and young people who know God.

2. From God (15-18)

Moses, not knowing how God would act, seems to have resumed praying. God tells him to stop praying and to stretch out his hand and told him the sea would part, Israel would walk through and Egypt’s soldiers would follow and die.

V. THE PARTITION (14:19-20)

Moses did what God said and God did what He said He would. But first, the angel of the Lord, in the fiery pillar, moved from the front to the rear - between Israel and the army. All that night two million people slowly crossed, it was dark on Egypt’s side of God, but God’s fire shined and it was light on Israel’s side. They walked using God’s flashlight.

VI. THE PARTING (14:21-22; Ps 107)

God’s wind blew and the water parted. With a huge wall of water on the left and one on the right, held back by the Lord, Israel walked through. What a night. Ps. 77:17-19 says,

“. . .the clouds poured down water, the skies resounded with thunder; your arrows flashed. . . the earth trembled. . . your path led through the sea” (7.

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