Summary: PArt of a series on prayers that made a difference

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“Why should I pray for them”

Date: April 14, 2002 PM Service

Place: Allendale Baptist

Text: 1 Samuel 12:16-25


Tonight as we continue to look at prayers that made a difference, we will see a man that God greatly used. Recall two weeks ago we studied the prayer life of a woman named Hannah. A woman who so desired a child, a male child, that her promise was God if you will give me a son I will give him to you to be used for your service. God was faithful a granted her request and Hannah gave this male child, Samuel to God.

Samuel was probably one of the last of the judges to rule over God’s people. A man who was obedient to God.

Let’s look at this man and his prayer life…

I. Insistent Voice of God.

A. At an early age his mother gave him to the priest Eli to serve the Lord in the temple.

B. In 1 Samuel 3:1-10 tells us of God speaking to this young boy. Some say this was Samuel’s calling into the prophetic ministry.

C. Two very important things I want you to see hear.

1. Samuel was in the right place to hear from God.

a. Probably night after night he had slept in the same place. Near the priest Eli, by the lamp of the God. This “lamp of God” was the golden lamp in the Holy Place of the tabernacle.

b. He was in a place near God.

2. The Bible tells us God spoke to him three times.

a. God desires to speak to His people.

b. Are you in a place where you can hear God?

c. If God were to speak to you, would you know it was God?

II. Intercession for God’s People

A. The people had told Samuel “We don’t want a prophet ruling our nation, we desire a King like the other nations.

B. Samuel some might say went into semi-retirement.

C. When the people came to him and said, “we’ve made a mistake, Samuel will you pray for us? Samuel told the people I have never stopped praying for you.

Some one has said intercessory prayer is

1. Prayer that cares- to truly pray for someone is to care about them.

2. Prayer that shares- sharing what you have might be the answer to that person’s needs

3. Prayer that bears- the greatest relief is when someone will bear the burdens we have. “A BURDEN BEARED IS HALF A BURDEN”

III. Individuals

A. Samuel even though the people had no need for him, did not stop praying for the people of God.

B. We are also commanded to pray for God’s people. We should pray for the nation of Israel.

C. We should also have someone specific to pray for.

D. Do you have someone on your heart tonight God has burdened you with?

If not why not.

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