Summary: The 144 Thousand are sealed before the saints are raptured

‘The Passing of the Torch’

Revelation Chapter Seven-The Lamb’s Continuing Process of Redemption

I. The Five Angels Ministry (v.1-3)

A. Four: Standing on the four corners of the earth [4 Directions-N.S.E.W./Full Coverage of the Earth]

B. Four: Holding the four winds of the earth [Full Control of Winds/Earth-Power/Sovereignty of God]

C. Four: That the winds should not blow on the Earth [Protection from Damage/Hurt/Judgment]

D. One: Ascending from the East Angel: Having the seal of the living God

E. One: Crying w/loud voice: ‘Hurt not…until We have Sealed the Servants of our God in their Foreheads’

F. We/Five: The Sealing of the 144 Thousand

II. The Earthly Multitude (v.4-8) [144 Thousand Jews]

A. Special Sealing/Mark Foreheads (Ezekiel 9:4; Revelation 9:4-Protection from Judgment of God)

B. Specific Title: Servants of Our God-Saved New Covenant/Age of Grace/Serve under Old Covenant/Law

C. Specific Number: 144 Thousand

D. Specific Source: All the Tribes of Israel

E. Still in Process: Till we have sealed

F. Specific Location: On Earth

III. The Heavenly Multitude (v.9-17) [Raptured/Redeemed Saints of the Ages]

A. No man could number [#1 Contrast]

B. Source: Of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues [#2 Contrast]

C. Completed Assembly: Stood before the Throne…Serve Him day and night [#3 Contrast]

D. Specific Location: Before the Throne (In Heaven) [#4 Contrast]

E. Resurrected Bodies: [#5 Contrast]

1. Clothed w/white robes

2. Serve God day and night

3. God dwells among them

4. No hunger, thirst, no sun, no heat

5. Fed by the Lamb:

6. Led by the Lamb: Abundant Life

7. Ministry of the Lamb: Wipe away all tears

F. Palms in their hands: Symbol of Victory/Celebration/Redeemed (John 12:13)

G. Praising God and the Lamb (v.10)

H. Identity: Who? ‘The Ones Who come out of the midst of great tribulation (As a group-Before the Throne)

I. Origin: Where? Great Tribulation=Time not place (Daniel 12:1; Matthew 24:21; Mark 13:19)

J. Reason: Salvation/Redeemed: ‘Washed their robes and made them white in the Blood of the Lamb’

K. Redeemed from the Wrath of God/Day Lord Judgment Begins at the Blowing of 1st Trumpet (Rev 8:7)

IV. ‘The Passing of the Torch’ [Theory: The Lord’s Redeemed Representatives on Earth]

A. The Redeemed/Raptured Saints Rescued/Delivered Out of the Great Tribulation & from Wrath of God

1. The Lord’s Redeemed Saints on Earth during the Antichrist’s Persecution ‘We which are alive’

2. The Lord’s Redeemed Saints and Bride now in Heaven ‘Dead in Christ & We which are alive’

3. The Lord’s Redeemed from the Old Covenant & New Covenant Period ‘Dead in Christ’

4. The Lord’s Redeemed from the All Previous Dispensations/Economies ‘Dead in Christ’

B. The Sealed 144 Thousand Sealed/Protected Into‘The Time of Jacob’s Trouble/Day Lord/God’s Wrath’

1. The Firstfruits unto God during Time of Jacob’s Trouble/Wrath of God/Day of the Lord Judgment

2. The Representatives of the Nation of Israel

3. The Firstfruits unto God under the Revived Old Covenant

4. The Firstfruits unto God from the Revived Dispensation/Economy of Law

5. The Holy Spirit Coming Upon Them for Service S/A the Two Witnesses

6. The 144 Thousand Redeemed During the New Covenant Sealed/Serve Under the Old Covenant

7. The 144 Thousand ‘Believed God and it was counted unto them for righteousness’ S/A Abraham

8. The 144 Thousand ‘Kingdom of priests during the Day of the Lord’ (Exodus 19:6; Psalm 110:3)

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