Summary: The Passover marked the birth of the nation of Israel and its deliverance from bondage. All of this pictures the work of Jesus on the cross.

I. The Lamb Needed

1. Nine plagues were not enough.

2. God’s patience had run out.

3. His final judgment.

4. Exodus 11

5. Death of the 1st born.

a. Unless protected by the blood of the lamb.

b. Romans 3:23

c. Exodus 11:5-13

6. All men are first born, who haven’t been born twice. Speaks of rejection of 1st birth. 1 Corinthians 15:48.

7. Jews were slaves for Egyptians without pay. Now God permits them to ask, not borrow for just wages. Genesis 15:14

8. Human view: no difference between 1st born of Egypt, verse 7, all men are sinners. Romans 3:9; both Jews and Gentiles are under sin and need the Lamb of God.

II. The Lamb Chosen

1. Exodus 12:1-5

2. Jews have 2 calendars.

a. Religious

b. Civil

3. Passover marks beginning of the religious year.

4. Death of the lamb makes a new beginning; death of Christ makes a new beginning for believing sinner.

5. The lamb is chosen before it is slain.

a. Selected on the 10th day.

b. Slain between evenings of 14th and 15th day.

c. Lamb set aside for death.

d. 1 Peter 1:18-20; Revelation 13:8

1) Lamb slain before foundation of the world.

2) Predeterminate counsel of God.

6. The lamb is spotless.

a. Exodus 12:5

b. 1 Peter 1:19

c. Picture of perfect lamb of God in whom no spot or stain.

7. The lamb is tested.

a. Exodus 12:6

b. From the 10th – 14th day, watched.

c. Notice progress; verse 3

d. A lamb; verse 4; your lamb, parallel.

e. Luke 2:11; a Savior.

f. John 4:42; the Savior.

g. Luke 1:47; my Savior.

h. Not enough to call Christ a Savior or the Savior.

i. I must be able to say, “He is my Savior!”

III. The Lamb Slain

1. A living lamb is a lovely thing but could not save.

2. Not saved by his example, but his death.

3. Hebrews 9:22; Leviticus 17:11

4. 1 Corinthians 1:18-23; killing lamb foolishness to wise Egypt.

5. Blood of the lamb had to be applied to door post of house.

a. Exodus 12:21-28

b. Threshold, blood to lintel over the door and posts as sides of door.

6. Anybody who went out of house walked on the blood and was condemned.

a. Exodus 12:22

b. Hebrews 10:29

7. Israel killed the lamb.

a. Exodus 12:6

b. Acts 2:22-23; did it again, the Lamb of God.

8. Jews killed him, so did the Gentiles. Our sin. John 3:16

9. Where is the Lamb?

a. Where is the sacrifice for sin?

b. God will provide, He did. John 1:29

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