Summary: The passover is our Lord’s supper for every sunday.

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The Passover

Exodus 12


1. Which party of the year that you enjoy more?

2. Why that date is important?


I. The Lamb (v. 1-10)

A. The first one of the months

1. To join a nation (v. 3)

2. Nation are made of families (1 Co 11:7 - 11)

3. Families Joined, nation united (v. 3, 4)

B. Motives for the Passover

1. Learn obedience (v. 5)

2. Raise faith (v. 7)

II. The Passover: Blessing or Curse

A. The Blessing for the Israelis

1. They had suffered

2. They had joined each other

3. They had obeyed

4. They had had faith

B. Curse for the Egyptians

1. They had maltreated

2. They had not believed

3. They loved Idols

4. They had the ’Pride’ of a power nation

III. Passover Today

A. Jesus is the lamb

1. Recognized by John Baptist (Jo 1:29)

2. His body is the bread without leaven (1 Co 5:6-8)

3. His blood is our signal (1 Co 10:16, 17)

B. our Passover is the Lord’s supper

1. Institution of Jesus (TM 26:26-30)

2. We remember the death, burial and resurrection all the sundays when we commemorate the Lord’s supper

3. If we do not commemorate the Lord’s supper in the sundays, then we do not have the purification of the blood of the lamb (1 Jo :7)


A. Jesus is the pure lamb of God and without sin given to all

B. The blood of Jesus was spilled to we all

C. Jesus was made curse so that we had the blessings of the part of God (Gl 3:10, 13)

D. Passover today is remembered a time per week through the Lord’s supper

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