Summary: The Passover Meal enriched the Israelites both spiritually and physically. If there are spiritual blessings you need from God, if there are also material and physical blessings you need from God, the Communion Table is the best place to go.

You are about to partake of a meal that will change your life. In Exodus 12, the Lord gave the Israelites instructions on the preparation and eating of the Passover meal. After that meal, their story changed. Today as you partake of the Passover Meal; the Holy Communion, your story will change in the mighty name of Jesus.

Any food that comes directly from God, any food that has the life and power of God in it is not an ordinary meal. In 1 Kings 19:5-8, God through an angel prepared and sent a meal to Elijah. The meal in itself was something common – bread and a jar of water, but because that common meal was prepared and sent by God, it carried supernatural power. It gave Elijah enough strength to carry him for forty days and forty nights.

We know that after some days bread goes stale. But in Exodus 16, God sent the Israelites a special type of bread from heaven which they called manna. The bringing down of bread from heaven was a big miracle in itself. But there was also another unique and unusual thing about this special bread sent from God. They were able to preserve it for generations without it going stale, gathering mould, getting rotten and bad (Exodus 16:32, Hebrews 9:4). If you look through the Guinness Book of Records you will see people who made it to the Guinness Book of Records because they baked the biggest bread and cake ever. But there’s no record of anyone who has been able to discover the recipe for bread that never goes stale, bread that can last for generations.

This is why when we are to take a meal that comes directly from God or a meal that God himself instituted or established (Matthew 26:26, 1 Corinthians 11:23), we should not take it casually like we are eating the same kind of bread we buy from the supermarket. What we are about to partake of is a blessed meal, a very spiritual meal, a meal with supernatural power.

In Exodus 12, we see that the Passover Meal was a very significant meal in the lives of the Israelites. Five major things happened in their lives as a result of the Passover Meal:

1. It changed their time and season (Exodus 12:1-2)

When they took this meal they were not in the first month of the year. It wasn’t the beginning of the year. But God told them this month you are going to take the Passover meal, will be the beginning of the year for you. So the meal affected the time and season they were in, it brought about a change in their calendar, in their time and season.

In Daniel 2:21, Daniel described God as the One that changes times and seasons. Have you been going through a dry season, a difficult season? A season were you have been reproached, mocked and ridiculed? Has your family, marriage, business, career being going through a wilderness season were nothing good seems to be happening, rather it is one problem after the other? Today by the power of the Passover meal, by the power that is in the Communion instituted by God not man, your time and season will change.

If you believe you are that person whose time and season will change today, if you believe you are that person that God will turn your season of mourning to dancing, your season of sorrow to joy, your season of lack to abundance, your season of sickness to good health, your season of oppression to total freedom and liberty, can you shout a big HALLELUJAH!

2. It became a special shield of protection for them (Exodus 12:12-13)

That night that the Israelites took the Passover Meal, their own houses were supernaturally hidden from the evil that was passing through the land of Egypt. That same night, the spirit of death went into the houses of all the Egyptians, but didn’t come to the house of any Israelite. The Communion you are about to partake of is going to turn into a special shield of protection for you, your entire family and household. Death will look for your house but will not be able to trace it. Exodus 12:12-13 makes us understand that addresses of people are given out in the spiritual realm. Addresses were given to the spirit of death that night, but not one Israelites address was on the list given to the spirit of death when it was sent on an operation. Carriers of evil load such as accidents, death, poverty, sickness, failure, barrenness and all manner of evil load will not know your address. They will pass your street, your office or your school many times, but they will not see your own home, office or room.

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