Summary: Looking thru the song of songs and what it teaches us about relationships and sex.

INTRO: There was a man who came to this village and he sat down with the villagers by the river and began to eat, when all of a sudden this large crocodile came out of the water and bit his arm off. The man was horrified along with the villagers. They gave him aid and then went about their business.

The man was upset the people didn’t talk about it, to try to resolve the problem. He found out the tribe thought it was impolite to talk about such matters. He also noticed many people in the village were missing fingers, toes, hands, and some had died; but the tribe refused to talk about such matters even though there was so much destruction taking place.

Sex – we don’t talk about it in church. Do we talk about it in the home (show of hands – those learned about it at home)? Trying to talk about it in the schools.

People have been hurt, wounded, and devastated; but the churches refuse to talk about it because it’s not polite, even though we have in the Bible the Song of Songs.

SUMMARY: Song of Songs – We’ve watched how they’ve met, how they’ve courted. We’ve looked at very important concepts: attraction, self-image, and traits of a solid relationship. Today we get to witness the wedding.

TITLE: The Path of Becoming One

TEXT: Song of Songs 3:1-4:4

I. Frightening Dream – Counting the cost (v. 1-5)

A. The setting – she has had some wonderful times with Solomon, but some major decisions are on the horizon.

1. In her dream – there is the painful longing to be with her beloved. This recurrent dream of what life would be like after she married Solomon.

2. Joseph Dillow – "The dream reveals a nagging uncertainty as to whether she would be happy with a king whose time would be occupied with the affairs of state and who would often be away on business."

3. She wants to marry Solomon and live in Jerusalem, but she is not sure she can be happy away from her mother’s home in the countryside.

-Idea: She wants the best of both worlds. She wants to have her cake and eat it too.

B. Our walk with God – has the same struggles

1. Remember when I began this series – we could look at two humans in a relationship (Solomon and Shulamith); but we can also look at this allegorically (where we are the bride and God is the groom

2. Just as Shulamith wanted the best of both worlds, so do we as Christians. -There is this concept of counting the cost to follow Christ.

-Christianity is far more than saying a few words at the altar or coming to church. It’s a lifestyle where you are not your own person you belong to Christ. (He has purchased you by his blood).

3. The Apostle Peter – seems to be doing great things for God, then at other times failing miserably.

-Peter, remember, denied the Lord three times just after he was blowing and going that he would die for him. Jesus gets killed, and over a period of time, Peter goes back to doing what he was doing before following Christ (fishing).

-Jesus comes to visit Peter to reinstate him. Jesus tells him to feed his sheep or he goes on to say:

a. John 21:18 – "I tell you the truth, when you were younger you dressed yourself and went where you wanted; but when you are old you will stretch out your hands, and someone else will dress you and lead you where you do not want to go."

Idea: To be a true follower of Christ, you have to follow (do things that you don’t always want to do).

THOUGHT: Shulamith realized her whole life was about to change if she was going to marry Solomon.

-She decides to marry Solomon.

C. Side Note: Before I talk about the wedding day, let’s take not of v. 5b – "Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires." This is twice now we have seen this thought – Chapter 2:7b

1. Idea of restraint – every time their passions increase, their holiness holds them back, their faithfulness to God will be rewarded.

-God will reward you for your faithfulness to him.

II. The Wedding Day – The Big Day – v. 6-11

A. The wedding procession – some of the language used comes from Israel’s exodus journey.

1. Explanation on v. 6

-V. 6 – coming from desert like a column of smoke – who was a column of smoke to the children of Israel? God. I’m not inferring that men are gods; rather it’s the idea of a holiness.

-V. 6 – perfumed with Myrrh and incense – a picture of sweetness.

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