Summary: Understanding God’s will is not a hidden mystery. His Word gives us guidelines to follow.

The Pattern of God’s Will

Open: Illustration: Many years ago a man was sailing from Ireland to England and as the ship entered the harbor in the evening, all that could be seen was a confusing array of lights. He wondered how the captain could hope to navigate into the harbor safely with such confusion, so he asked him. The captain took him up on the bridge and said, "It’s really very simple, sir. I’ll show you how. Do you see that big light over to the left? And do you see that other big light over there to the right of it? And now, do you see that outstanding light farther still this way? Well, keep you eyes on those three lights and see what happens." As the man watched, the big outer light on the left gradually moved in until it coincided with the middle one. Then, as the ship turned, the light gradually merged into the thrid light. "There now," said the captain, "all I have to do is to see that those three big lights become one; then I go straight forward."

The believer also has three lights to guide him into the will of God. When Scripture and conscience are lined up with outward circumstances so that the three become one, we need have no fear. We can go straight ahead.

Proposition: To line up with God is to know His will

Often we wonder, "Can I really know the will of God for my life?" The Bible teaches us many facts about hearing God’s voice. Let’s take a look at just one example that helps us learn about the benefits of listening to God’s voice.

Text: Num. 22:12, 15-22

It was the perfect will of God that Balaam NOT go with the men of Moab. But Balaam disobeyed God’s voice and went with them. When he did he was walking in disobedience to what God had revealed to him was His will for Balaam to do...not to go.

Vs. 17 Balak’s offer of riches tempted Balaam so he went to God...a second time. God had already given His answer. But, Balaam wanted a different answer.

Because of Balaam’s evil heart of greed, God was angry and let him go and do what he really wanted to do.

How many times do we go to God and ask and ask and ask again for something He has already answered or showed us His way for us to go?

But, we have a certain answer we are hoping for.

Maybe we’re like Balaam and are led aside by our own desires or maybe we lack interest in what God is asking us to do.

Balaam sought God, but, he wasn’t really seeking God’s will. His heart wasn’t in it.

In his position, it would be expected of him. He was performing his role.

Have you found yourself in that position? A believer, so, of course, you go to God when you

need something, but, at the same time your heart isn’t really looking for what God will say...

you already have an idea of what you will do...what you will say...where you will go.

Proposition: To line up with God is to know His will

Let’s take a look at a diagram of the "Pattern of God’s Will" (Use a large white board with different color markers)

Draw a straight black line from side to side of board representing the way of God

First: Just above the black line use red to show our walk before meeting Jesus at the cross, dash lines going up/down and circles-- man walks in opposite of will of God interested only in his own way

Second row: Draw another straight black line and use red dashes to show born again exp.-- making up and down and straight path; telling how a believer often anticipates walking in complete harmony with God’s will. Since he is a new creature in Christ, he expects to be able to conform exactly to God’s will.

Third: But, in the reality of daily life, his pattern of conformity looks more like this. Instead of exact conformity, they have an up and down experience.

Sometimes he hears God’s voice, does His will and sometimes he does not.

He becomes discouraged when he makes mistakes & misses God’s will.

Some even give up their desire to hear God’s voice.

Fourth: Let’s look at 2nd year of this believer’s walk. Make a 3rd row with black straight line and a blue color for believer’s walk

Show less up and down dashes with more straight dashes

Something important to notice.

Overall walk --is progressive...moving forward; perserverance (point out straight dashes)

Take notice: he strays (upward dashes), realizes it (peaks), returns (downward dashes), goes forward with God (straight dashes)

Point out: distance between mistakes (compared to first year) gets less AND height of straying (how far we go) becomes less

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