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• A Personal Gift

• A Practical Gift

• A Pleasing Gift

• A Permanent Gift



• My wife Penny is not in the room so let me tell you what I have got her for Christmas.

• You may be surprised to know that I have bought her an artificial leg!

• Well, obviously that’s no her main present,

• It’s just a stocking filler!


• I don’t know if I should tell you this,

• But I did find from her a note placed on my desk.

• Rather, than a long list certain items, she simply requested

• “Something that will make me look sexy and beautiful”.

• (Pause for effect)

• Can’t wait to see her face Christmas morning when she discovers her exercise bike!

Question: Is there any such thing as, "The perfect Christmas gift?"

• Some of you have probably planned out your gift months ago,

• You have gotten everything together,

• For what you knew would be the perfect gift for your loved one.

• In fact, you were so excited that you could hardly wait for them to get it.

• But maybe it didn’t turn out perfect as you were expecting!


• How do you know the perfect gift when you see it?

• What requirements does it have to meet?

• Does it just have to meet a certain weight in gold?

• Or have a certain amount of diamonds or come from a certain price bracket?

• Does it just have to come from a certain store or have a certain designer’s name on it?

• And who decides it is the perfect gift; the giver or the receiver?


• I have found the perfect gift!

• Are you ready, then I will share my knowledge with you,

• I am giving away the gift of ‘Nothing’.

• And this Christmas I am going to be very generous in sharing that gift.

• Let me explain why!

• NOTHING is truly an incredible product.

• Look at what NOTHING can do:

• NOTHING slices.

• NOTHING dices.

• NOTHING is fat free & glutton free.

• NOTHING cuts cholesterol.

• NOTHING cures cancer.

• NOTHING makes you happy.

• NOTHING is acid free.

• NOTHING is antibacterial.

• NOTHING is recyclable.

• NOTHING is delivered.

• NOTHING is guaranteed not to chip, crack or peel.

• NOTHING is politically correct.

• NOTHING is available in boxes.

• NOTHING is available in bottles.

• NOTHING is available in bags (plastic or paper).

• NOTHING beats a great pair of legs. (Sorry, couldn't resist that one!)

Ok, Not convinced then listen to these endorsements from the rich & famous:

• Actress & Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor:

• "NOTHING saved my marriage."

• Plato, The Republic

• “I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.”

• Russian American novelist Ayn Rand wrote:

• “If you write a line of zeroes, it´s still nothing.”

• George Gershwin was an American composer and pianist who said:

• "I got plenty of nothing"

• Actor Karl Urban:

• “Nothing beats a great smile”

• The great bard of Avon - William Shakespeare:

• “Having nothing, nothing can he lose.”

• That great philosopher Winnie the Pooh said:

• “Doing nothing often leads to the very best of something”

• (A A Milne)

• So in my household, the Curley Clan can expect the great gift of ‘Nothing’.

• And this Christmas I am going to go overboard and share that gift!

TRANSITION: This evening, I want to talk to you about The Perfect Christmas Gift.

• If you are still awake and listening you might be thinking to yourself:

• "Didn’t he just tell us that he had no idea what a perfect gift is;

• And now you are going to preach to us about what one is?”

• Let me explain;

• I can do it because I am not speaking from my own wisdom.

• I have expert advise when it comes to choosing of the Perfect Gift!

• My expert source when talking about the perfect gift is God.

• And he has shared this information with us in his Word, the Holy Bible.

• I find four principles we can take on board;

• As we examining the Perfect gift!


• When it comes to God and giving;

• I want to base what I say on John chapter 3 verse 16.

• This verse is so important because it explains the reason for Christmas

• It explains why history is divided into B.C. and A.D.

• It summarises the message of the Bible in a single sentence.

• It tells you how to settle your eternal destiny.

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