Summary: The Perfect Man Who Is After God’s Heart, has His mind,thinks like God and always willing and ready to obey Him. Today, the kingdom of God is desperately short of perfect and godly men. These are men who know God, who are imbibed with God’s wisdom.

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The Perfect Man Is After God’s Heart

Text: Acts 13:22-23, Psa.1:1-3, ISam.13:14


Today, the kingdom of God is desperately short of perfect and godly men. These are men who know God. They are men who are imbibed with God’s heavenly wisdom. Men who has the heart of God. Men who are spiritual. Men to whom God can commit precious things. Men that is dependable and reliable. Men who will fulfill God’s will even if it hurts them. Men that is complete and perfect for God to use and boast of like Job. God’s heart is thirsting towards such men and He keeps looking and scanning the earth if He can found such men. If there are such men, God will deposit resources into their lives. He is delighted when such men shows up in the midst of a decadent society.

Alas, God in Ezek.22:30 lamented and said, “I sought for a man among them…. To make up the hedge, to stand in the gap….but I found none.” However, in our text, we read something heart-warming, for God in Acts 13:22 said “I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after mine own heart…..which shall fulfil ALL my will.” Halleluyah.

Man was created and designed to fulfil the will of God. Beloved, what is the will of God for man? It is “to establish the kingdom of Godin every spheres of life – home, church, work-place and in the larger community.” In other words, God wants a man who has vision [eyes] of what He can do with him. There are two agendas for this vision for such men: They are to:

a. Reproduce the image of God on the earth

b. Take up leadership in the church and lead as man under God’s authority.

We read also in Jer.4:25, the lamentation of God is that ‘there is no man’ who could be found faithful to do this for the Lord. If God is looking a man to use in this meeting, do you think you will be His choice? May you be found faithful and be chosen in Jesus name. Amen.

The Perfect Man Is A Spiritual Man

ICor.3:1-3. The perfect of whom Paul speaks of are the spiritual. And who are the spiritual? Those in whom not only the gifts, but the graces of the Spirit have obtained supremacy and are made manifest. God's love is His perfection (Matt. v. 40-46); Christ's humility is His perfection. The self-sacrificing love of Christ, His humility, and meekness, and gentleness, manifested in daily life, are the most perfect fruit of the Spirit, the true proof that a man is spiritual.

A man may have great zeal in God's service, he may be used to influence many for good, and yet, when weighed in the balance of love, be found sadly wanting. In the heat of controversy, or under unjust criticism, haste of temper, slowness to forgive and forget, quick words and sharp judgments, often reveal an easily wounded sensitiveness, which proves how little the Spirit of Christ has full possession or real mastery. The spiritual man is the man who is clothed with the spirit of the suffering, crucified Jesus.

And it is only the spiritual man who can understand 'the wisdom among the perfect,' 'even the mystery which now hath been manifested to the holy ones, to whom God was pleased to make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery, which is Christ in you.' A Christian teacher may be a man of wonderful sagacity and insight, may have the power of opening the truth, of mightily stimulating and helping others, and may yet have so much of the carnal that 'the deeper mystery of Christ in us remains hidden. It is only as we yield ourselves wholly to the power of God's Holy Spirit, as the question of being made free from all that is carnal, of attaining the utmost possible likeness to Jesus in His humiliation, of being filled with the Spirit, rules heart and life, that the Christian, be he scholar or teacher, can fully enter into the wisdom among the perfect.

Understanding Perfection

It’s imperative that must define our terms to alleviate any confusion. Webster’s gives us many aspects of the word ‘perfect’ as a noun and a verb (with slightly different pronunciations). I won’t give all definitions, but the ones that apply to our study.

Perfect, as a noun means any of the following: 1. Expert, proficient. 2a. being entirely without fault or defect, flawless. 2b. satisfying all requirements, accurate [as in 100% accuracy]. 2c. corresponding to an ideal standard. 2d. faithfully reproducing the original. 3. Pure, complete, sane. 4. Maturity [“But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour” - II Peter 3:18; having grace brings the believer to the highest relationship with God possible, to impart and perfect in him the corresponding blessings]. Perfect implies the soundness or excellence of something unattainable or theoretical, but something implied doesn’t mean that it can’t be attained, sought or gained.

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