Summary: A message on Pride.


Luke 18:9-14

INTRO: The human heart inherits pride. It was one of the main causes in the first sin man sinned in the Garden of Eden. The fall of Satan from heaven was the result of pride. In the world today, we see it openly and prevalent.

Today we want to see what the result of pride has on the church member. Jesus was talking to His disciples in this passage (cf 17:22). He thought highly of the Pharisees.


A. He belonged to the strictest sect.

1. They professed unusual piety.

2. They conformed to the letter of the law.

3. They practiced self-denial.

B. The Pharisee was a public professor.

1. He went often to the temple.

2. His prayers were constantly heard.

C. The nature of his worship.

1. He abruptly addresses God. "God I thank thee." Like someone

would address their equal.

2. He gives himself credit for his superiority over others.

3. He gives himself credit for his sacrifices.

a. Fasting twice a week had significance for the Jews.

b. Moses went up on Mount Sinai on Friday and came down on


c. It was considered a special mark of holiness to fast twice a


4. He placed God in obligation to him.

5. He compares himself to his fellow worshiper (The Publican instead

of Jesus).


A. A deep sense of his unworthiness.

1. "Standing afar off." He felt the sanctity of the temple.

2. "He lifted not so much as his eyes to heaven." He was humble

before God.

B. He felt remorse in his soul.

1. "He smote upon his breast." His guilt was his burden. His

shame--his grief.

2. He felt the weight of his sin upon his heart.

C. He confessed his state before God and sought his divine mercy.

1. He recognizes he is a sinner, and pleads for mercy.

2. His request is ernest, not one of pride.


A. God conversed with both men.

1. He saw through the Pharisee.

2. The Pharisee thought God operated on a merit system and could be

put in man’s debt through good works.

3. He beheld the humble heart of the Publican.

B. The result of their petitions.

1. The Pharisee was rejected.

2. The Publican was accepted.

3. The one liked the least by the Jews was the one most acceptable

by Jesus.

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