Summary: Calvary is at the crossroads of history & eternity. Mark called Calvary, Golgatha. Located outside the city gates were a gathering worth looking at together!

Preached @ Dinsmore Baptist Church

Dr. E. Winson Butler, Senior Pastor


I am not sure myself exactly how it works, but, it is amazingly accurate if I have to say myself! Recently, a dear and close personal friend from Ok (Andy) sent to me the results of a case study on stress level conducted by St. Mary’s Hospital Psychology Dept. for his Church Staff.

A picture of 2 identical dophins, which were jumping out of the water were shown to each individual staff member. Mind you, the dolphins are identical.

The study revealed, that inspite of the fact, that the dolphins are identical, a person under stress would find differences in the two dolphins. IF there were many differences found between the dolphins, it meant that the person examining the photo was indeed experiencing a high level of stress.

Andy was told, look at the photo & if you find more than one or two differences, you may want to take a vacation: note first the medical alert forwarded to me from his Church Administrative Office (note Power Point Slide).

Now you take the test -BE ADVISED- if YOU see one or more diferences between the two dolphins you too may need a vacation: See Slide!

There is a vast difference in the Easter story in the Bible & the Easter message marketers are sending.

Let’s get the facts straight, Easter is at the crossroads of history & eternity. Mark called Calvary "Golgotha." mns. "the place of the skull."

When we think of Easter several things come to mind:

Main Division

I. The Pathway To The Cross (15:20)

II. The People At The Cross (15:21-28)

III. The Purpose Of The Cross (15:29-32)

Conclusion: He lives today!

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