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Summary: It is easy to say God had a plan for me when things go well. But when things dont seems going well according to our plan, we think that Gods plan for our lives may not be true. But the truth is ,Gods plan will not be affected by our situation,condition


EI alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope forE Jeremiah 29:11

It is easy to say God had a plan for me when things go well in our lives. But when things dont seems going well according to our plan, we think that God doesnt have a plan for our lives. but the truth is ,Gods plan will not be affected by our situation, our condition, or even sometimes by our reaction.

Joseph was part of Gods plan to save a nation in time of famine.But Gods man for the hour seems just concern about his present situation. God need to prepare his man 13 years before the famine hit the region and saved a remnant of Israelites.

Joseph was the favorite of Jacob,and cause jealousy among his brothers.His dreams FROM GOD that he should have kept to himself ,he pridefully shared that drew more hatred from his brothers. Though Joseph was Gods chosen one , God need to prepare his man made for that hour. Joseph was trained in places we thought not in Gods plan.

1. The emptying cistern. .(Gen37:12-24) When Joseph was thrown in this well ,Joseph loss everything. Wherever he looked it was only walls .The only way to hope is to look up. We can ask a lot of question.why God allowed this to happen?. I can only taught of two things, to teach Joseph dependence on God and to set up Joseph on his way to Egypt.Like the empty cistern that wherever you look are walls ,Joseph need to be emptied to be totally dependent on God. Are you hitting walls in your life as if God doesnt have a plan for you? Maybe God wants you to be totally dependent on Him he allowed you you passed that cistern.

2. The engaging house of blessing.(Gen 39:1-20) Joseph ended up bought by Ismaelites and was sold to Potiphar in Egypt as a slave. But God was with Joseph and he prospered in everything. Joseph was in charged of Potiphars household, a place of now easy and comfortable living.Joseph was all comforted ecept for one thing, attempting woman was there. God allowed him to engaged him in a situation that needs radical decision.Although nowhere to go he fled the temptation that was before him. Do you experienced things in your life that needs radical decision even though you know the result will not be practical and comfortable. Be faithful because because God is watching.

3. The enhancing prison. (Gen 40:1-22)Joseph was thrown in the prison instead. But it was now here that Joseph will be closer to the Pharaoh , The cupbearer and the baker was there , both work closely to Pharaoh. It was here in prison that Joseph the dreamer became the interpreter,his gift was enhanced. He starts small but ended big.What if Joseph refuses to used his gift. The result might be different.But we saw Joseph used his gift and that led him to interpret Pharaohs dream.And the result was bigger that landed him a prominent place in Egypt. Do you feel that sometimes the exercise of your gift happened in small unexpected places? God want you to enhance your gifts

This three places are unsusual places for us ,but these are places of God choice to train us carry out His plan. Whatever the situation,we need to be dependent ,faithful and used our gifts because God will finish that good work he began(Phil1:6), And He will see that all things will work together for that plan to be fulfilled.(Romans8;28)

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