Summary: The point of prophecy is to point us toward God. The point of Daniel's prophecy isn't necessarily profound but it is very practical. No matter what happens go you way until the end. It is a call to be faithful in the face of all circumstances in Christ

Intro: When we began this study on Daniel you were encouraged that because God is in control you can live righteously or Godly in this wicked world.

You should also remember that the prophecies were written not to satisfy your curiosity but to strengthen your faith.

God is in control and because He is we can live a life of purity and integrity.

Last week’s part of Daniel’s vision of the end showed us the religious and political pressure and conditions that Israel would experience moving into a time called the Great Tribulation.

The context of chapter 12 actually begins in 11:36-12:3 We see a world ruler, a world religion, a world war, a great tribulation for Israel.

Daniel is somewhere near 90 years old. He has faithfully followed and trusted God for over 70 years in a foreign land. When we look back over Daniel’s life we have to realize something. God is still on the throne. He is in charge of the past, the present and the future. God is in charge of good and bad, joy and sorrow. He is in charge of good health and bad.

In this last chapter we are seeing what was called the latter times in Deuteronomy 4:30. Distress, tribulation or Jacob’s trouble in Jeremiah 30:7. God is getting ready to show us a time of great distress and how we can respond to it.

I. The time of Daniel’s the vision

12:1 “At that time.” A time of distress

A) It will be a very recognizable time

When this time comes there will be no guessing. Is this the tribulation? Has this ever happened before? When you have to ask are we in that time you should know you are not. I believe Jesus actually quoted this text in Matthew 24:21 “For at that time there will be great tribulation, the kind that hasn’t taken place from the beginning of the world until now and never will again!”

B) It will be a very rough time.

It is the 70th week of Daniel. It is the time we refer to as the Great tribulation. This is the time that God will pour out His wrath on unbelieving gentiles. The Hebrew word distress actually pictures a time of great pressure like when grapes are pressed for their juice. It carries the idea of being crushed by a weight. In ancient England when people would not plead guilty, heavy weights were placed on their chest and they were crushed to death. This is the picture of this time. It will be overwhelming pressure for the people of God.

II. The people of Daniel’s vision

A) The ministry of God’s angels

When the pressure is on God sends His messenger to protect and encourage His people. Michael is the name of the angel that is sent in the distressing time! Micahel’s name means “Who is like God.” Man how amazing is that? Who is like God is watching out for me!!

Principles: God never abandons His people. On the surface it may look like things are out of control and no longer His concern. God always keeps His promises and watches over His people. Are you facing a distressing time? Know that God takes care of His people. Even when we can’t see it God and His angels are working on our behalf!!

B) The mention of God’s people

1) A righteous people

Do you notice that it speaks of your people? There is an indication that there are some that are not people. There is a terribly wrong thought that goes around today. We are all God’s children. No! We are all God’s creation. The only way we all become God’s people and God’s children is by being born again. That happens when God’s spirit makes you alive and makes clear to you, you are a sinner separated from Him by your own willful sin. The only way to be Gods’ people is to be made righteous by the blood of Jesus. The righteous who receive Jesus have their names written in the book. This is the book of life.

2) A rescued people

Those that have their name written in the book will be rescued. Hear this loud and clear not everyone is going to heaven. There are those that you know today whose names are not written in God’s book.

3) A resurrected people

Depending on how you define it there is more than one resurrection. There are at least two in the Bible. There is the first resurrection of the righteous to eternal life 12.2 and the second to eternal shame, separation and eternal contempt. You could break it down to the resurrection of Jesus, the saints resurrected when Jesus was, the Old Testament saints, the dead in Christ, the living and the dead in the book of the Revelation. What is the most important thing to know about the resurrections? Everyone’s name written in the book will be rescued or delivered. This should cause you to ask a question, Is your name written in the Lambs book of life?

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