Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: But the unsaved will consciously live eternally in a place prepared for the devil and his angels.


Revelation 21:8

Even while God describes the future home of the saved, and all the blessings we are to enjoy. He, with a painful heart, describes those who will not be there. Think about it. The saved will eternally in a place prepared for them by Jesus. But the unsaved will consciously live eternally in a place prepared for the devil and his angels. Hell wasn’t prepared for any person only the devil and his followers. But man in rejecting Jesus Christ as Savior, chooses to live there with Satan.

Lets look tonight at how the Word of God describes those who choose hell and their neighbors. The first ones we look at is called the FEARFUL. These are the cowards who would not confess Jesus for fear of man. Afraid of what others might think and say. Listen folks, it isn’t wrong to fear. But even while afraid to do the right thing is very important. It is true God may lead you in places you haven’t been before. It is true God may lead you deeper in Him than you ever expected to go. All this may bring fear, and most likely will. But fear isn’t sin. But to willfully disobey the leadership of the Holy Spirit in our lives is. Because they refused to own and confess Jesus, must at that day be denied by Jesus.

The next one He mentions is the UNBELIEVING. The awful fate of them who will not trust God and His Word in declaring His Word isn’t worthy of their confidence. You know how it makes you feel when your children don’t believe what you tell them is for their own good? How much more is God justified in punishing them who reject Jesus in unbelief?

Still God mentions another neighbor who will live in hell, the ABOMINABLE. These are the people who have allowed themselves to become contaminated with the filthy of the world. If men could only see and realize that when they take part in the evils of this world, they heap upon themselves fiery judgment.

Next one He names is MURDERERS. Every sense Cain murdered Able, there has been a growing disregard for human life. Man kills without any remorse and conscience. But think on this!. If a man who kills another is caught and tried. Even though he might be found guilty and put to death, he still waits another sentence after the body is dead.

The WHOREMONGERS are the next mentioned. Cheating on wives and husbands are joked and laughed about today. But God’s law still stands which says, “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” Adulteries will be judged by God.

Now the next one mentions is the SORCERERS. There was a lot of these in the ancient world. But are we faced with so much with this today? Well let me name a few of them and you decide for yourself. Witchcraft, spirit ism, magic, and demon worship. These were the things that faced the early Christians. The law of that day was to put them to death.

IDOLATERS is yet another one mentioned that won’t go to heaven. We all know these are people who worship other gods. But let me add yet a little more of the meaning of this word. If a person gives his heart to selfishness rather than the things of God, he to is an idolater.

The last neighbor He mentions is LIARS. Satan was the first liar, therefore he is the father of all liars. The liars are those who are guilty of falsehood, either in speech or silence. God condemns all who make a lie, speak a lie, or act a lie.

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