Summary: Teaching on the Power of Anointing

UV 1015/10,000 The Power of Anointing

And it shall come to pass in that day, that his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder, and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing.

Isaiah 10 v 27

Sometimes when we are hard pressed for time, troubled by some thoughts or by circumstance and do not have the enthusiasm to worship the Lord, a burden or yoke bears down on our shoulders and neck as a heavy yoke on the oxen’s neck. But we are not beasts of burden and it is not the will of God that we are weighed down by such worry and anxiety. Both worry and worship has the same starting root or syllable. We can either worry or worship for we cannot do both. We can wholeheartedly worship God or we can have our minds full of anxious thoughts.

The yoke of anxiety is destroyed by the anointing of the Lord. We receive three types of anointing- the anointing of fire that destroys the thorns and briers in one day, the anointing of oil that gives us the spirit of gladness over that of our companions, the anointing of the spirit that teaches us all things. The anointing fills us with the power of God that enables us to easily defeat the enemy of our souls and our earthly foes.

It is by virtue of our anointing that the Lord hears us from heaven and saves us by the strength of His right hand. It is on account of our anointing that the mercy and faithfulness of God is always with us. It is His anointing that makes us higher than the rulers of the earth. It is His anointing that blesses and causes our descendants to endure. It is His anointing that makes us victorious and more than conquerors. We can loose the power of our anointing like King Saul if we disobey the Lord and His Word. We are not appointed as kings and priests but we are anointed as such. People are appointed for a fixed period of time but we are anointed forever. Our anointing has no expiry date. Our anointing is not static but it grows or increases as we walk closer to the Lord and we increasingly obey and worship Him. Our anointing manifests itself in a variety of ways: in Samson it was manifested as immense strength, in David it was manifested in victory against all odds, in Elijah and Elisha in miracles of provision and resurrection. In Moses, the anointing was manifested in his leadership. In the apostles of Jesus, it was manifested in amazing signs, wonders and miracles of healing.

Prateep V Philip

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