Summary: Choice is a very powerful freedom each of us has. Have you ever thought about why we have been given this freedom?

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Power of Choice

Let me ask you a question, anyone want a hot drink?

• Tea or coffee?

• Black or white?

• Sugar?

• In less than 10 seconds you make four choices

• Our life revolves around choices. You choose to get up this morning and come to worship God when you could have just as easily stayed in your nice warm bed

• I’m glad you made that choice to come and I’m sure God is very pleased as well that you are here to spend time with Him

• Life is full of choices – you choose to get up this morning, you choose to have a shower or not; you choose between Rice Bubbles and Corn flakes, you choose what clothes to wear, you choose to yell or not at the guy at the traffic lights

• Choice is a very powerful freedom each of us have

• And if you think about it we are the only things on the planet that have the ability to choose – everything else has it programmed into their DNA

• A dog doesn’t get up in the morning and while he’s drinking his cup of coffee think, “Well what am I going to do today – will I have a shower? What clothes am I going to wear? Do I go to work or take a sickie?”

• Choice is a very powerful freedom only humans enjoy

• Have you ever thought about why we have been given this freedom?

Last time we talked a little bit about God and His all-consuming project

• Remember we talked about the Myth Busters and the enthusiasm they approach the various projects they set for themselves

• We discovered that God too has a project – He wants to bring every human being into a relationship with Him

• He want us to share in the unique relationship that exists between the three members of the Godhead

• He wants to be a Father to us in the same way He is Father to Jesus Christ

• And He wants us to live forever in eternity with Him, in heaven where there is only love, beauty and splendor, no sickness, disease or death, and no ugliness

But to achieve this outcome God faced a challenge

• He doesn’t want anyone to enter into this relationship with Him against their will – He wants them to make the decision voluntarily or of their own free will

• Timeout: We all know what freewill is right? The ability to choose for ourselves

• God could very easily have created beings who would respond in all the right ways. He could have programmed it into our DNA in the same way we see it in the rest of creation

• Then we would have a bunch of droids like R2D2 going around saying – “God I love you, give me a hug!”

• So the challenge for God was, “How to orchestrate circumstances so as to give the creature the capacity to respond to the Creator of His own free will”

This is one of the marvels of creation we usually don’t think too much about

• We tend to focus on the beauty of creation without thinking too much about how God has orchestrated everything within that beauty to revolve around choice

• And in many cases the choice we make involves “good” and “bad” consequences

• If you don’t take a shower for a couple of days there are undesirable consequences – raises the question, why were we made to smell?

• And so it is with most of life - If you eat too much; If you don’t eat enough; If you get up in the morning and go to work; if you don’t get up; If you look after the environment, If you don’t look after the environment

• And it seems it always takes more effort to do the right thing than the wrong thing – e.g., why does chocolate taste so much better than spinach? French fries than Brussels sprouts?

• And every time we make a “good” decision we add to the beauty around us, and every time we make a “bad” decision we take away from the beauty around us

So we come to that moment in time when God began His project, the creation of man

• And we see two very attractive human beings, (but who knows, when you have nothing to compare it with, beauty is relative, so Adam and Eve could very well have been like Shrek and Princess Fiona) placed in a beautiful garden which would have been the closest thing to paradise the world has ever seen

• Now notice something else in Genesis 1:31 (NKJV) 31 Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good

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