Summary: benefits of forgivness

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Power of Forgiveness

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Pastor Danny Williams

Matt. 18:21-35

The First thing I want to say, is that Jesus is not teaching us that believers earn God’s Forgiveness by forgiving others.

That would be contrary to God’s Grace.

But if we have truly experienced God’s Forgiveness, then we will have a readiness to forgive others.

Col. 3:13

Bearing with one another, and forgiving one another if any one has a complaint against another; even as Christ forgave you, so you also must do.

Understand this Morning: You can never receive any think you are not willing to give first. And vice versa. It’s called sowing and reaping…

See; this is a Family thing….

Remember in our past studies we talked about Our Father?

You cannot have a right relationship with the father if you are not getting along with your brothers and sisters…

Unmerciful servant…. Mat 18:21-35

When we forgive others-

We are not earning prayer.

Prayer comes from sonship.

But forgiveness brings Fellowship-

And if I am not in fellowship with my brothers and sisters I cannot pray effectively.

I John 4-says if you cannot love a brother you can see how can you love a God you cannot see?


How many of you know unforgiveness and unconfused sin will hinder the power of God in your life?

God Will never forgive you with unforgiveness in your heart.


Because he would dishonor his name and his word.

And that would encourage sin.

So what do we do? About sin?

In your bible the word Debt comes from the Greek word

“ Opheilema” that word is used only four other times in the new test.

But lets look at other’s.

Hamarita – is the most common-and it carries the root Idea of missing the Mark. (Sin)

Paraptoma- means the sin of slipping or falling, as a result of carelessness more than from intentional disobedience. (Trespass)-Backsliding

Parabasis- refers to stepping across the line, going beyond the limits prescribed by God. (Transgression)-Robbing a bank

Opheliema- refers to a moral or spiritual debt.

But understand all sin is a moral and spiritual debt and must be paid to God.

How do we know He isn’t referring to money?

In Luke 11:4-clearly indicates the reference to sin.

But understand there is a three-fold effect.

1. The problem-

Sin- is that which separates us from God

And is mans

Greatest enemy. (Not Satan)

Sin will dominate the heart and mind of men and women

Why do people not forgive? (Past)

1. Pride

2. Stubbiness

3. Fear-venerability

4. Repetition of being hurt.

What does unforgiveness bring? (Present)

1. torment

2. anger

3. misery

4. jealousy

5. dissatisfaction

6. strife

7. guilt

What is the final effect of unforgiveness?

1. disease

2. death

3. damnation

UNFORGIVENESS is nothing to be playing around with…

Not only do we recognize the problem but #2 we look to God’s


We need continual forgiveness-

If mans greatest enemy is sin.

Then his greatest need is forgiveness

Form God and each other…

And Hallelujah

That is what God provides

Everything leads to the issue forgiveness

Not only do we see understand the problem and seek the provision but 3rdly

2. we find the PLEA;

I John 1:8-9 If we confess our sins

Asking forgiveness is confessing

Have you ever heard someone say I can forgive but I won’t forget?

Understand forgiveness is not generally for them, It is for YOU>>>>>

Sin that is not confessed can never be forgiven.

To confess means; to agree with, and when we confess our sins, We are agreeing with God about them, How wicked they are, and I will not have any part of them.

The bible says blessed is the man, whose sins are forgiven,

I know it is difficult to confess;

But Proverbs 28:13- He who conceals his sins shall not prosper, but whose confesses and forsakes them shall have mercy…

It is also important to remember that confessing sin’s, Gives God glory.

Look at Vs 12 again.

Jesus gives us the prerequisite

As we forgive our debtors


1. to gain God’s forgiveness

2. Free our conscience- for happiness and satisfaction.

The Greatest sign of spiritual maturity is Forgiveness…

Because it is God’s Heart.

But unforgiveness will short-circuit a church.

Psm.66: 18 says; If I regard wickedness in my heart God will not hear me.


Are your prayers hindered?

This might be an area to look at

Harbor unforgiveness will totally block up your inheritance.


Where there is an unforgiving spirit, there is always sin, and where there is sin there will always be chastening. Heb. 12:5-13

Have you sought genuine forgiveness?

Regardless who did it. You owe it to Jesus to forgive…

Say that; I owe it to Jesus to forgive.

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