Summary: Becoming the mighty me and women of God

The Power of God is inside us.

1st Peter 1:5 Revelations 2:10

As a child of God, we grow and transform into the image and likeness of God. We are given the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit of God. Truthfully, we belong to God. However, we do not belong to Him just because He made us. We belong to God because we chose to put our faith and trust in what He has already provided for our salvation. We belong only to God. We are called His special children. We live and walk by faith. We believe that God is. We are the redeemed of God. We are set aside for the Holy Spirit of God to empower us to do the works of God. Nevertheless, being a child of God is not the easiest job. We are called to live opposite to the world. We are taught that the world’s way of existing does not lead to righteousness. A child of God is often looked upon as peculiar because we are not guided by the same set of principals as the rest of the world. The world constantly denies the ways of righteousness. The world constantly presents a struggle for the child of God. Nevertheless, in the midst of this struggle to stand, we are empowered with the presence of God to stand us on our feet.

When we study the Scriptures and allow the Holy Spirit to teach us, the forces of God is revealed to us. We are not in this struggle alone. Our help comes from God. Therefore, nothing should keep us from doing what God has recreated us to do. The Scriptures teaches us that God has always come to the aid of His people. God empowered Abraham to rescue Lot. God empowered Moses to lead Israel out of Egypt. The Scriptures teaches us that God has promised this same help to us. God will be a constant help in times of trouble. Nevertheless, we must chose to remain faithful and obedient to Him. The only way the Holy Spirit can work in our lives is through our faithful obedience to God. 1st Peter 1:5 tell us that God has shielded us by His power and empowers us to become all God has in store for us. Romans 8:31 states ‘If God be for us who can be against us.’ Therefore, because of our faithful obedience to God, we are empowered by Him.

Moreover, the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit of God continues to build or form us in our position as the children of God. As we study and mediate upon the Scriptures, the Holy Spirit of God guides us and forms us into the body of Christ or the Church. We are empowered with real power. This same power was in Jesus. We are given this power so we can do the works of God. We are more than conquerors. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Because of our love and the presence of the Holy Spirit, all things work together for our good according to God’s purpose. As we grow and continue to mature in our relationship with and to God, we develop into powerful men and women of God. This is why we are told to study and mediate on the Scriptures daily. We study to find information about God. We study to find out information on what God has done for us. We study to understand the nature of God’ s power and to uncover the purpose for it. We study to understand why we need God’s power. Foremost, we study to understand how God wants us to use His power.

Our need to know these things is instrumental in our development from the children of God into the men and women of God. Ephesians 6 states, ‘our fight is not against flesh and blood.’ Our enemy is Lucifer and the millions of unholy spirits, principalities, powers, and evil forces. Our enemies are also those that are under his influence. The children of God face a real and active force each day. These forces are destined to draw us off the path of righteousness. These forces are lead by Lucifer, a fallen angel made by God. God made him and empowered him. However, his pride got him put out of heaven. Regardless, Lucifer did not stop being an angel. He can be a snake, act like a lion, or appear as an angel of light. His purpose is to deceive and accuse the brethren. His strategy is to steal our attention in order to get us off the path of righteousness. He desires to destroy any chance of us growing up in our relationship to God. He wants to kill us before we can mature into the mighty men and women of God.

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