Summary: An Outline covering Matthew chapter 8; It covers the power of Jesus in relation to healing, the lives of others, nature, and casting out demons.

The Power of Jesus

Matthew 8

I. Jesus, The Power to Heal (8:1-18)

A. Healing the Leper (1-4)

1. The Request of the Leper (2)

2. The Response of the Lord (3)

3. The Result of the Leprosy (3)

4. The Request of the Lord (4)

B. Healing the Centurion’s Servant (5-13)

1. The Finding of the Saviour (5-7)

2. The Faith of the Centurion (8-12)

3. The Faithlessness of the Servant (13)

C. Healing Peter’s Mother-in-Law and Others(14-18)

1. Even Peter Had a Mother-in-Law (14-15)

2. Everyone was Healed (16-17)

3. Exiting in Haste (18)

II. Jesus, The Power in the Lives of Others (8:19-22)

A. The Certain Scribe (19-20)

B. The Concerned Son (21-22)

III. Jesus, The Power Over Nature (8:23-27)

A. “Lord, Save Us: We Perish.” (23-25)

B. “Why are Ye Fearful, O Ye of Little Faith?” (26-27)

1. The Rebuke of the Disciples (26)

2. The Rebuke of the Wind and the Waves (26)

IV. Jesus, The Power to Cast out Demons (8:28-34)

A. The Conversation of the Demons (28-31)

B. The Casting Out of the Demons (31-32)

C. The Calling Out of the Demons (32)

D. The Coming Destruction of the Demons (32)

E. The City After the Demons (33-34)

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