Summary: This will show the tremendous power in such a small word... The word "Yea" (in the kjv). How strong is satan with his words? Find out as we look at this powerful but small word.

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The Power Of one small Word Genesis 3:1 Please take note of the word “Yea”


Text: Genesis 3:1 ... Notice with me that the first word that the devil speaks in the scriptures is “Yea” or as we would say: “”Yes” in his temptation of Eve. Temptation to sin and sin itself is always going to be presented by the devil as “positive.” The devil will never, ever show you the negative side of sin.

SO, This morning from the scriptures, I want us to look at some examples of the devil’s positive presentations of sin.

1. David and Bathsheba... 2 Samuel 11:1-5...Here is a time when David sent his men to war but David stayed home and was in bed. Then he got up and got on the roof of his house and saw this lady taking a bath and Notice v. 2, the word “beautiful”. So he sent for her, had sex with her and sent her on her way. “Beautiful” is a positive word. You see the devil will never show you the ugly side of the sin. The fact is “the wages of sin is death” The fact is, “whoso committeth adultery with a woman lacketh understanding: he that doeth it destroyeth his own soul.”

2. Then there is Achan... Joshua Ch. 7 He tried hiding his sin and in verse 21, the word “goodly” is used. “goodly” is a positive word. AGAIN, The devil will never show you the bad side of sin. The fact is, Israel would lose the battle at Ai. The fact is, Achan and his family would be stoned to death.

3. Lot...Genesis Ch. 13...He chose well watered land. Notice v. 10 “well watered”

“well” is a positive word. Another word for “well” is “favorable:...In other words, Lot looked at the plains of Jordan and saw the favorable conditions of the land. He didn’t care it was in the direction of Sodom and Gommorah ...

The devil will never show you the unfavorable side of sin. The fact is, Lot would end up backslideing and living in the land of homosexuality... The fact is, he would lose his married daughters and his wife. The fact is, he would end up in a cave drunk and committing incest with his two single daughters.

4. Eve...See Genesis 3:1-7.....Notice v. 6. “good” – positive...“pleasant” – positive...“wise” – positive

You see, the devil will always present sin as Something “good” for you, Something that you will enjoy (pleasant)...The smart choice (wise) The devil will never show you the negative side of sin. The fact is... “Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned:”

The devil will always present the things of God in a negative light and his ways is a positive way. How do you think the devil got the Holy Bible, prayer, and the ten commandments thrown out of our public schools?.....Because he presented it this way –

1) It will be for the good of the country because not everyone believes the same way. It will show us to be a country that is tolerant and accepting of other beliefs. It’s ok to take "In God We Trust" off of our money. That way we won’t offend anybody. And you know what the Apostel Paul said, I love to eat meat but if it offends my brother, I won’t eat it.

2) It will make our schools a more pleasant environment because non-Christians won’t feel like they are being discriminated against. It will promote an atmosphere of unity.

3) It is the wise thing to do. It is the smart thing to do. After all that is what the psychologists tell us and they certainly know more than we do. They must be right because they have a PhD.

You can take Satan’s positive presentation of sin and see how he has used it to destroy the moral fiber of our nation. What about Judge Roy Moore and the Ten Commandments? And yes, the Ten Commandments still apply today.

Just look what it has produced...My friend the devil hasn’t change a bit. He still uses the same approach on you and me. The Power of Positive Thinking – Sin is positive.

Churches no longer taking a stand on what is right and pleaseing to God., Christian women dressing like harlots and Christian men like pimps...Pastors falling to adultery Single Christians living in sin. No more preaching against sin.......Worldly music in the churches. If God don’t reign on America, He will have to apologize to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah!

I’m afraid that people come to church now just to be entertained. And oh yeah, what about the person that lives next door, are they Christians? Did somebody tell you about God? I know people are different now...TIMES HAVE NOT CHANGED...people have! They are making a beer now they say has a certain ingredient that is really good for you. And lot’s of people are dumb enough to RUN out and get it!

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