6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: This sermon tells how to come out of troubled situation.

I have not been in a situation where praising God wasn’t necessary in order to get out. We as christians always find ourseleves in some unfamiliar position not able to get out unless they give God some praise. I have only been around for twenty years, but I know that if I want to be brouhgt out of a bad situation or if I want to be set free then I got to give God what is owed to him. You see as baby christians we are easily discouraged, but we have to remember not to let our adversties overshadow our assurance, not to let our burdens rob us of our blessings, not to allow our confusion to strip us of our cause, or to let our doubts rob us of our deliverance. You see we have too many christians that done got used to church. What I mean is that they been in church all thier lives and they’ve become adapt to church, and never do anything different. But there comes a time when we must tell God I need you to do a new thing. In the church we have too many consumer christians and not enough producer christians. Well, what do you mean by consumer, you see consumers’s consume. They come to church and all they do is take, they take the spiritual jolt of the singing, they take the word of the preacher and use it for a spiritual pick-up for the week. They come to church and all they do is take and never give anything back, and they don’t realize they after you take and take you can take yourself to death. The church needs to move from this yesterday mentality, and tell God I need you do a new thing. We got so many ideas and so many things that can’t not nobody else do. We have so many traditions that we have allowed to go on in and around our spiritual lives, that we’re missing the things that God has for us right now. God calls women to preach, I know you don’t believe that, i’m going to prove it to you. When Jesus was ressurected Mary saw him at the tomb, he said go tell my bretheren to meet me in Gailee. He trusted a woman to carry his word. If she would not have carried word the disciples would’nt have known what to do, so you see God calls anybody he wants to call. Tell you something else God believes, he believes that the anoiting is for anybody. If you believe that the anoiting is something that just falls on the heads of preacher’s you are living in yesterday. In the old testament God would speak to the leader and the leader would speak to the people. But when Jesus died read the story, the Bible says that the veil in the temple was wrent or torn down. Let me tell you about that veil, the veil separated the sanctuary from the holy of holy. If you were a layperson you couldn’t just walk behind that curtain, you had to be prophet to go behind the curtain, and the prophet went back there one time a year and that was called the day of atonement. On the day of atonement the preacher would go back and pray to God about the sins of the people , but here was the problem, suppose my name Quinton Williamson and i’m not all that important to the preacher, I would be afraid to tell the preacher what I needed to tell God, if the preacher went back there and forgot to tell God about me my concerns would go unoitced. So Jesus said i’m going to fix, i’m going to take care of this situation. He went on the cross, and while he was there that veil. Let me tell you the veil was purple, do you what two colors come together to make pruple; blue and red. The blue represented where Jesus came from come, the red represented the blood of Jesus, and the Heavenly abode of Jesus was manisfested in that curtain. So now drunks, tramps, liers, and murders anybody who want to go back to the Holy of Holy is able. So you see the anoiting is for everybody who wants it. i’m here to tell you that the anoiting is not free, you have to give God some praise. I don’t mean just praise him, you have to give him some crazy out of this world type praise. The Bible says that when praises go up blessings come down. I’m here to tell you that he is worhty to be praised.

If you don’t beleive me look at your text and i’m finished. This is a story about a man named Job, he was sick unto death. The Bible says that he was on his death bed, but he gave God some praise. You see Job praised the Lord when he didn’t have nothing, but a praise. You see sometimes in life we hit rock bottom, but we have to praise God anyway. It’s so easy to parise God when you got money, but it’s hard to give God some praise when you’re down and out. The power of praise when I aint got nothing, but a praise.

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