Summary: The blood cleanses and protects us from evil.

The Power of the Blood.

Open in Prayer.

~ The Blood covers us.

~ Ex.12:21-23 Moses told the leaders to slaughter the lamb their families had for passover.

~ All of the houses were to be stained with blood.

~ At night, the Angel of the Lord passed over the houses that had blood over the door step.

~ The destroyer killed the first-born of the houses not covered by the blood.

~ The Blood is Precious.

~ Lev. 17:10-14

~ God told everyone, He would destroy anyone who drinks blood.

~ 1 of the 7 things God doesn’t like is hands that kill innocent blood. (Abortion)

~ God knew there was life in the blood.

~ The life of every creature is in the blood.

~ The Blood is innocent.

~ Matthew 27:22-26 Pilate didn’t want Jesus crucified because Pilate’s wife told him Jesus was innocent.

~ Pilate washed his hands in water to take the innocent blood off his hands.

~ Jesus’ blood was innocent. He shed innocent blood for my sins and yours.

~ The blood of Jesus made me whole again.

~ The Blood is life.

~ Hebrews 9:18-22

~ Without the shedding of blood there is no foregiveness of sins.

~ Sin separates us from God and the only way we can have eternal life is through the shedding of the blood of Jesus Christ.

~ The Bible says we have overcome the Accuser by the blood of the lamp and the word of our testimony.

~ We can’t go on any more saying "I can’t win any attacks from the Devil, or he is too powerful and I always lose" Well, somebody tell the Devil to get thee behind thee because the victory is already ours!! Everytime the Devil tries to bring up your past you remind him of his future.

~ Right when the Devil thought he brought the end to the church by crucifying Jesus. That was just the beginning.

Close in Prayer

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