Summary: There is power when we allow the Holy Spirit to teach and to lead us instead of us preaching out of the flesh.

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The Ultimate Decision

July 3, 2013

"Why did God send the Holy Spirit to live inside of you? So He could change you into the image of His Son."

What a wonderful thought and yes Biblical.

2 Corinthians 3:18 "And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord's glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit."

So God's plan for you is in His Spirit. The problem is that very few people , pastors and teachers do not know how to access the power of the Holy Spirit. It is by praying in Tongues or the supernatural language that God created for us. Praying in this language bypasses our flesh so we are praying from our Spirit to the Lord in heaven. We do not know what we are praying but what we are praying is edifying us. It is building up a supernatural structure inside of us that makes the Bible come alive through revelation and this new language breaks strongholds of the flesh that may have been with you for years. We can't break the flesh in our own Will Power. It has to be the Holy Spirit that breaks these strongholds.

When praying in Tongues God searches our hearts and prays for us, build us up and edifies our Spirit so we can in turn help others. I know that you like me am tired of living this life in the natural when God has promised us an abundant life. But that abundant life can only come from the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.

If you have struggled with the "Will of God" and the "Calling for your life" it is in praying in Tongues that is the key to true joy. God will reveal to you in a supernatural way what you are to do. It may take some time to develop this language. It could be that you may have strongholds of the flesh from past religious experiences and the devil DOES NOT want you to have this gift.

I can tell you from my experience in only a few short months that I have changed. The Holy Spirit has changed me. I am now not operating out of my flesh but by my Spirit. So please ask the Lord to unlock your lips and to speak through you. Maybe only one syllable may come out but that syllable is from God. The more you pray the more the language will be built up inside of you where you can pray for 2 hours in the Spirit and it will only feel like 5 minutes.

"Lord please bless everyone on this list to pray in this supernatural language that you desire each of us to have. Please unlock the lips of everyone right now Jesus and allow that language to flow. Please cover them with your protection as the evil one hates what we are trying to do." Amen

Expect some persecution from the evil one but to have this language is Supernatural, life changing and will set you on a wonderful new life in Christ.

Have a great day and please e mail me with any questions that you may have.


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