Summary: The Name of Jesus was very important to the early church because it embodied Jesus’ power to save, and it should be our focus today as well.

The Power of the Name

Acts 4: 1-14, 18-20


1. Think about how important your name is.

2. You thought a lot about names when you named your


3. Names were more significant in Bible times.

4. Name equals who the person actually was. Ex. Jesus = Savior

5. What can we say about the name of "Jesus"?

6. Peter & John had some things --Acts 4:1-4

I. The Name of Jesus Changes Lives (Acts 4:1-11)

A. They were in trouble for healing a lame man---His life was changed (3:6,16)

B. The lives of thousands were changed. (3:19-20, 4:4)

C. The life of Peter was changed.

1. Peter denied Jesus three times.

2. Jesus restored Peter. "Do you love …"

3. Peter here boldly proclaimed Jesus (4:7-11)

D. Has your life been changed? (3:19-20)

II. The Name of Jesus Is Exclusive (Acts 4:12)

A. The True Gospel is not always popular. This is true among churches as well.

We live in a rebellious day.

B. This is the heart of the Gospel--Jesus Christ is the ONLY way of Salvation. I

am the Way…"

1. Not you own good deeds

2. Not any other religious leader--Buddha, Muhammad. We must not be

hateful but support missions.

C. We are not all going to the same place. All roads DO NOT lead to God. The

name of Jesus is exclusive but totally inclusive---You can call on Him.

III. The Name of Jesus is Uncontrollable (Acts 4:13-14, 18-20)

A. They could not dispute the change in the lame man’s life. They could not

punish them--public relations.

B. Peter & John were warned not to speak in Jesus’ name. (v.18)

C. Their reply -"We cannot help but speak…"(v. 20)

1. The Gospel of Jesus is compelling. You cannot bottle it up!

2. For the believer, this message is the life-blood--the purpose & hope of


3. Is this Gospel of the Name controlling your life? Or do you have it

under control? For many, the motto is " We cannot be made to speak

the things seen and heard."


1. Jesus wants to change your life.

2. Christ is the Only Hope for Salvation.

3. Speaking the Name is like breathing fresh air.

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