Summary: The power of our words & how they are creative or destructive in our life.

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Today - The Power of the Tongue (Words)

James 3:2- For in many things we offend all. If any man offend not in word, the same is a perfect man, & able also to bridle the whole body. Behold, we put bits in the horses’ mouths, that they may obey us; & we turn about their whole body. Behold also the ships, which though they be so great, & are driven of fierce winds, yet are they turned about with a very small helm, where ever the governor lists. Even so the tongue is a little member, & boasts great things. Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindles! And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity: so is the tongue among our members, that it defiles the whole body, & sets on fire the course of nature; & it is set on fire of hell. For every kind of beasts, & of birds, & of serpents, & of things in the sea, is tamed, & has been tamed of mankind: But the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison. Therewith bless we God, even the Father; & therewith curse we men, which are made after the similitude of God. Out of the same mouth proceeds blessing & cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be. Does a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water & bitter? Can the fig tree, my brethren, bear olive berries? either a vine, figs? so can no fountain both yield salt water & fresh.

Get ‘em saying yes –

Have you ever been hurt by words? Ever said something that you knew was wrong?

Ever had something said…

WORDS - What are they?

James “as powerful as the rudder @ ship”… “enough to start a forest fire”…

YET - they’re but a spark… Seem very INSIGNIFICANT compared to the larger scheme of things…

What are they?

Verbal expressions of an internal belief system…

i.e. Our words revel what really lies inside us… They are the ability to know us & how we tick…

Our belief system == Words…

Belief system comes from childhood… events… significant others… trauma…

** To change our Words - We must change our Belief System… == Healing… Focus… Maturing… Evaluation…

FOCUS Today - The Words themselves & Their Power!!

James – believed to be the ½ brother of Jesus…

i.e. Raised by the same adults on earth… -- Teaching us about words…

Interesting: The one thing we can attribute to his parents & them…

Jesus was lost - in their eyes -

What do you say if you lose your child @ store… home… moment?

Luke 2:48 … when they saw him, they were amazed: & his mother said, Son, why have you thus dealt with us? behold, your father & I have sought you sorrowing.

This pass == the way their parents probably spoke to them - Words of care… compassion… love… LIFE!!

This James – Words are important… We learn them from Parents!!

The Power of Your WORDS:

I. They are CREATIVE

Your words create… whether good/bad… happy/sad… lies/truth… life/death…

Your Words are Creative!!

Gen. 1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven & the earth. And the earth was without form, & void; & darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: & there was light.

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