Summary: The message stresses the importance of two. I give 4 areas of interest that show how to get through trials and recieve blessings and how the power of two will bring in the full blessing of God.

Title: The Power Of Two Boats

Text: Luke 5:1-7


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- Picture it if you will, a beautiful morning, with the sun shining, not to hot and not to cold.

- The day is just perfect for the teaching of God’s Word.

- Jesus is teaching right by the Sea of Galilee, and the crowd is so big that Jesus has to get into a boat and teach from the water.

- Now there was fishermen there who had just come back from fishing and were washing there nets.

- The name of one of them was Simon Peter.

- The Lord climbed into his boat and asked to be pushed out a little from land.

- After Jesus is done speaking, He tells the occupants of the boat to let down there nets.

- Simon Peter is reluctant, but lets down his net.

- When he lets down his net, the Lord gives them a miracle.

- It’s a massive amount of fish, that is so big that two boats was barely enough to bring them in.

- Peter and his workmen were amazed and are later found to pull up there boats and follow Jesus.


- Sometimes life can be hard and other times life can bring us extreme blessing.

- In both cases, we need the assistance of other people.

- This story shows me many things, for example:

1. The importance of the Word being preached.

2. The importance of salvation

3. The importance of miracles

- But the one thing that stands out the most is the importance of two.

- Here we see the power of two boats, side by side that were used to aid one another.

- The Bible talks about the power of two in Matt 18:19 which says, “Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”

- There is great authority in corporate and agreeing prayer.

- When husbands and wives stand together in prayer, it is a power thing.

- It changes the situation and the home.

- The devil is out attacking the home and destroying the Christian home, why?

- So that this scripture will not be fulfilled.

- When two or three gather together in faith and commitment to Christ, He is in the midst. - His presence will impart faith, strength, direction, grace and comfort.

Isa 12:6 says, “Shout aloud and sing for joy, people of Zion, for great is the Holy One of Israel among you.”

- I am so glad God is among us when we pray together.

- Now we also see an answer to prayer for Simon Peter and his men.

- They worked all night and caught nothing. They had no results from there labor and were just finishing up when Jesus walked into the situation.

- Have you ever felt like your prayers that are offered have had no effect?

- We can pray in the midnight hour for any particular situation, only to see it grow worse and worse before us. We feel that all our prayers were for nothing.

- Well I am sure Peter felt all his work was for nothing, and he was not expecting Jesus to tell him to let down his net.

- When Jesus did, Peter became indignant, but then relented and did as the Lord commanded.

- And we no the rest of the story, they caught a great amount of fish that day because God supplies.

- The point is when God begins to bless, we need others to share it with.

- Blessing not only fills your life, but also touches the lives around you.

- As did with the second boat. Both boats were so blessed by the Lord, that they barely made it back to shore.

- Now I see 4 areas of interest that I would like to share with you as we go through our trial times and blessing times.

- You maybe here tonight and you are praying and seeking the Lord.

- You have prayed what it seems to be all night, and you feel maybe you haven’t hit heaven, God wants all of us to keep the faith just one more time and believe Him.

- Here’s why:

Point 1: Remember Jesus Is Watching (vs 1-2)

- Your life and what you do, catches the Lord’s attention.

- Meaning God is concerned for your situation and life.

- He watches us when we go to work, when we are at home, in the car or at a meeting.

- Our life and what we do is important to the Lord and He is watching your every move.

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