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Summary: In the romance of Jacob, and Rachel, we see the unconditional love of Jacob. It reminds us of the unconditional love that God has, and inspires us to love unconditionally.

The Power Of Unconditional Love

Gen 29:9-35

Joke: The teacher asked her class, "Which is more important to us-the sun or the moon." One of the students answered, "The moon." The teacher asked why the moon was more important than the sun. The student gave this explanation. "The moon gives us light at night when we need it most....The sun just give us light in the daytime when we don’t really need it !"

There is something that all of us need all the time, and we find it in our text this morning. It is the power of love !

This morning we are going to look at the love story of Jacob and Rachel. It is a story which is both bizarre, and fascinating. It is also one of the most admirable romances in all the Bible. The depth, and determination of Jacob’s unconditional love for Rachel is a type of the love of Christ for the church, and should be inspiration for us in our relationships !

I. Notice The Change That Love Produces ! V9-15

Up until this point in Jacob’s life, he has never worked for anything in his life. In fact, he has gained all that he has through deceit.

Recall in Gen 25, Jacob selfishly purchases Esau’s inheritance for a bowl of soup. It was a transaction that Esau agreed to, yet it still reveals the selfishness of Jacob’s heart.

Remember in Gen 27, Jacob with the help of his mother pretends to be Esau, and flim flams his father out of Esau’s blessing.

The deceit of Jacob had caused his own brother Esau to be bitter, and to hate him, and for that reason Jacob has to leave home. He runs in fear of his life !

I might add this..... that Jacob learns how to lie, and be deceitful from both his father, and his mother. Parents, don’t think for a moment that you can be one way, and expect your children to be different. They are going to be a copy of the original !

However, Jacob’s selfishness, and deceit is about to come face to face with something which is far more powerful.

When Jacob saw Rachel approaching with her father’s sheep, he immediately runs over, and rolls away the stone from the mouth of the well so that she can water the sheep ! This was completely out of character for Jacob. He usually thought only of himself, and wouldn’t lift his finger to help anyone unless he was going to receive something in return.

Having rolled away the stone, he embraces Rachel, kisses her, and lifts up his voice and weeps ! He then explains to Rachel who he is, and Rachel runs immediately to tell her father ! The father of Rachel, Laban, comes out to meet Jacob, and they embrace, and Laban invites Jacob to stay at their house, and Jacob does so for a month. Jacob is changing. There is something that is taking place in his life. For now, rather than being a selfish, deceitful brat, Jacob is becoming a man. Rather than being lazy, Jacob now begins to work, and help provide for himself ! What has transpired in Jacob’s life that has brought such a transformation ? The answer Jacob loves Rachel !

In spite of Jacob’s spotted past, God unconditionally loved him ! In fact in Gen 28, God had promised him that he would always be with him, would guide him, and would multiply his seed like the dust of the earth !

God is faithful to his promises !

God loves us unconditionally !

Jacob learns to love unconditionally ! We need to learn to love without conditions ! When we learn to love without conditions, then change will be the result ! It may not necessarily result in changes in the reciprients of that love, but it will change us.

We need to love our family without condition !

We need to love others without condition !

We need to love our enemies without condition !

II. Notice The Cost That Love Pays. V15-19

At the end of a month, Laban approaches Jacob, and basically says....I need to pay you for your work ! You don’t need to be working for me for nothing !

Note V 18 "And Jacob loved Rachel; and said, I will serve thee seven years for Rachel thy younger daughter."

What a change that has been wrought in the heart of Jacob. Jacob had never worked a day in his life, but now he is willing to work 7 years so that he might have Rachel as his wife. Again, it is love for Rachel that has tranformed the heart of Jacob.

Remember the love of God for us, and the price it paid !

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