Summary: The only permanent thing in life is change

The only constant thing in life is change. Change requires changes and adjustments. Change is permanent and

constant. Some change causes permanent damage and loss and require rebuilding and redoing. Other changes require people to start afresh at the beginning.

There is also change that elevates, promotes, gives hope and encourages. Most people desire this kind of change. This kind of change is easy to adjust to and welcome in most lives.

Starting again under negative circumstances is difficult, it is not for the fainthearted, be it physically, spiritually, emotionally, financially, relationship wise etc. Persons who are unable to garner the strength and ability to start again usually resort to undesirable remedies and coping strategies like suicide, drugs and punishing others generally for the mishaps in their lives.

People who have lost their limbs wonder how they will continue living without that body part. Those who have lost their homes look at the uphill task of rebuilding a home let alone a house even if the house was rented. Divorced persons and persons with broken relationships wonder if they will make it to the next minute without the lost love. The shattering silence of death has affected or will affect each living person at one point or the other, leaving the living in the throes of sorrow. Loss of savings, work, investments, property and wealth can also totally devastate an individual leaving them with no choice but either to re start or perish.

To offer words of comfort and strength, well wishers and sympathizers may say, “Life goes on.” “Be strong” “ Shape up”. As easy as it may sound, the emotional and physical energy needed to move on is great. Such events are accompanied by loss of appetite leaving the affected person not only physically weak but having less overall energy to attend to the situation resulting in oversleeping and other forms of lethargy. Some having lost what they thought was all in their lives go into some form of depression, making it even more difficult for them to attend to their disaster.

Steps in starting again


When circumstances requiring a change arise, many doubt what has actually happened and instead enter a state of denial. Belief that circumstances have not changed when they have is the first hindrance to starting again. Accept the change. Accept the fact that the person died and their body was disposed of and will not return to this earth. Accept the fact that the financial situation has changed. Accept the fact that your country/neighborhood and/or family has irredeemably gone to the dogs.

In the Bible, we see YAHWEH dealing with the loss of humanity. The Bible says that YAHWEH regretted making humanity and was ready to start again and indeed HE started again with Noah and his nuclear family after destroying all the rest. HE repopulated the earth and restored it to a habitable state. The offer was made to Moses who graciously and humbly negotiated for the Hebrew Nation. Over and over again, HE started with the Israelites and promises to restore them totally in the not to distant future.

At the end of time and indeed in time YAHWEH says that HE will start afresh indeed start anew with the people who have chosen HIM and HIS Path to Salvation namely YAHSHUA  and will dispose of the rest. This offer is available to you. YAHWEH says that HE makes all things new. HE can change you, handle your past and put you on the correct path, the path HE HIMSELF designed for you. The first step in doing this is by accepting and believing that YAHSHUA (YAHWEH”S SALVATION) paid the price for you not walking or obeying the commandment of YAHWEH, by dying on the cross for you. When you believe this and start living a new life under the direction of YAHWEH and HIS WORD, you start experiencing a new life and a new beginning under the great love and power of YAHWEH.

So does YAHWEH take pleasure in the destruction of the wicked? NO, HE does not but He rather that they repent and turn back to HIM otherwise HE will have to start afresh without them.

This brings us to the next step.

Taking steps to remedy the situation- Preventive and Corrective


Our FATHER YAHWEH took steps before the fall of man to warn Adam about the dangers of disobedience and living according to personal tastes and other rules and suggestions. Our FATHER YAHWEH demands and deserves total obedience for our own good and benefit. HE warned Cain. HE warns us through the Ten Commandments and through his laws and regulations and teachings detailed in the Bible. HE also warns us through instinct, common sense and the requirement that we desire for wisdom, knowledge and understanding before all. This serves as a guideline against pitfalls. Therefore seeking and following good counsel, the Laws of YAHWEH is a pillar if one wants to avoid the pitfall of having to start again.

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