Summary: A Look At The Prayer Life of Jesus, Our Great High Priest.

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The Prayer Life of Our Great High Priest

I. When Did He Pray?

A. In Times of Preparation (Luke 3:21)

B. In Times of Pressure (Luke 5:16)

C. In Times of Privacy (Luke 9:18)

D. In Times of Transformation (Luke 9:29)

E. In Times of Rejoicing (Luke 10:21)

F. In Times of Instruction (Luke 11:1)

G. In Times of Intercession (Luke 22:32)

H. In Times of Testing, Agony, Sorrow, Suffering (Luke 22:41ff; Mark 14:32ff)

II. Where Did He Pray?

A. In Public (Luke 3:21)

B. In the Wilderness (Luke 5:16)

C. In the Mountains (Luke 6:12)

III. How Did He Pray ?

A. On His Knees (Luke 22:41)

B. On His Face (Matthew 26:39)

C. With Intimacy (Mark 14:36)

D. With Faith (Mark 14:36)

E. With Boldness (Mark 14:36)

F. With Submission (Mark 14:36)

IV. What Did He Pray?

A. For His Father’s Will to be Done (Mark 14:36)

B. For His Father to be Glorified (John 17:1)

C. For Him to be Glorified (John 17:5)

D. For Believers to be Kept (John 17:11)

E. For Unity Among Believers (John 17:11,21,22,23)

F. For His Joy to be Fulfilled in Believers (John 17:13)

G. For Believers to be Kept from the Evil One (John 17:15)

H. For Believers to be Sanctified through the Truth of the Word of God (John 17:17)

J. For Believers to be with Him (John 17:24)

K. For Believers to Behold His Glory (John 17:24)

L. For Believer’s to have Same Love that God has for Jesus (John 17:26)

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