Summary: Agur was a mysterious man, mentioned in Proverbs who prayed a humble prayer that should be a model for all Christians.

The Prayer of Agur

Introduction: ABC news in Alabama reported this week that Piedmont High school in Piedmont Alabama would no longer say prayers over the loud speakers at football games because they received a letter from the atheist organization called Freedom from Religion Foundation, out of Wisconsin that read in part that legal action would be taken based on the perception of a 'school sponsored prayer' The school couldnt afford a legal battle so they stopped praying over the loud speaker but during the next football game, amazingly hundreds of Piedmont High school students, parents, and fans walked out of the stands and stepped out onto the field and they began to pray anyway. The FFRF claim to have sent 800 letters to schools threatening legal action if prayer is not stopped! What's ironic is they don't realize they are trying to ban the only thing that saves them.

In recent years a lot of public attention has been focused on prayer. Our courts have banned prayer from public schools, public functions, and public display. And as we've seen in Piedmont this week, it hasn't stopped people from praying and it never will.

The question is what are you praying for? The focus of this sermon; to examine what our prayer priorities are.

We tend to pray selfishly, treating God as a divine pop machine, instead of a dollar we put in a prayer and expect our desire to be given to us in return.

Christian Cartoonist Bill Keene, the creator of the cartoon 'Family Circus' had a cartoon that depicted several angels in Heaven receiving prayers, and suddenly one of them shouted “Quick, get the big Guy, I want him to hear this. Here's someone who isn't asking for anything!”

A.C. Dixon said: "When we rely upon organization, we get what organization can do; when we rely upon education we get what education can do; when we rely upon eloquence we get what eloquence can do. And so on. But when we rely upon prayer, we get what God cand do."

There is only one prayer in Proverbs, the book of wisdom. It is the prayer of Agur. Agur is mysterious. We don't know a lot about Agur. We don't know when He lived or which tribe He came from. But we do know that what He wrote was indicted by the Holy Ghost and was meant to be kept on record. Agur prays with such integrity that it's considered to be a model prayer for all believers.

“Two things, I ask of you, O LORD,

Do not refuse me before I die:

Keep falsehood and lies far from me.

Give me neither poverty nor riches

but give me only my daily bread.

Otherwise I may have too much and disown you.

And say, who is the LORD?

Or I may become poor and steal,

and so dishonor the name of my God.”

Proverbs 30:7-9

In a culture that wants to hear and tell lies and are obsessed with who has what and how much they have, this prayer is a breath of fresh air. Our culture is very self-centered but Agur's prayer is God-centered.

Transition: Agur asks for two things. But before He mentions what they are He asks that God would not keep them from him before He dies.

Agur reveals his urgency

“Do not refuse me before I die”

When we pray, we should consider that it might be our last prayer. Because obviously there is no time after life, to do the things that we should have done during life.

Ill. Norman, Ok police detective Wayne Martin & his wife Susan were headed to a family re-union in Arkansas one Sunday morning in May of 2002 but they never made it. As they were crossing the Arkansas River on the I-40 bridge, unbeknown to them, a captain of a barge had a seizure and hit the bridge causing the whole thing to collapse killing them and 11 others.

Imagine that! One moment they were looking forward to a day of family fun, catching up with friends and family, havingbfood and games, and the next moment they were gone. Surely they never knew on their way to Arkansas that they would shortly be standing in te presence of Almighty God! James said “why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” I sometimes think about what a friend or loved one who passed away unexpectedly, was doing the day before. Not knowing that the next day they would be gone.

Transition: Before His vapor of a life disappears, Agur knows He can't escape the first death, so he pleads with God to keep him away from the things that would bring him closer to the second death.

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Talk about it...

Sara Brown

commented on Nov 3, 2014

Good sermon. Kind of reminds you of the prayer of Jabez doesn't it? "Keep me from evil"

Shawn Miller

commented on Nov 4, 2014

Yes it does. Thank you, Sara

Paul Thomas Buckmaster Adams

commented on Nov 5, 2014

'Lord, I want what you want for me' Wow, how many of us can honestly ask that each day and truly mean it ? I would like to take your sermon and personalize it some and use it in the near future if you would allow ? really touched me, thank you and God Bless. Pastor Paul Adams

Shawn Miller

commented on Nov 14, 2014

Of course, go ahead

Sara Brown

commented on Dec 11, 2014

I enjoyed hearing it and I was encouraged by it. Personalizing it and using it for your congregation would surely help those of them who want to grow do just that. And you asked a good question about how many of us really mean it when we ask God to give us what He has for us; not too much, not too little. It's not a perspective that comes naturally because naturally. I believe that is really what Jesus meant when He said He came to give us and abundant life. He didn't men loads of "stuff" He meant that we would have our needs supplied and even some wants but the abundant life in Him may not include very many material riches at all, just the mind set to view everything according to His character. Having a lot of "stuff" might keep us from having that kind of mind so I like the lesson tatty this sermon teaches. And I've prayed many ruined that He would keep me from Tyne things I don't need to do because without Him I can't fight the flesh and I know it. Yep, the people you serve are surely to learn from this sermon, and putting your own personal touches on it is important because if you take it word for word - well, people might catch on and question a lot of things. but then again, if it's Holy Spirit inspired and I believe it is, then He is the Author. I read in and article that Paul probably encouraged Timothy to use his sermons and I would have to agree he might have. There is just a difference in using something as a resource and using someone else's work as your own, especially if someone recites things word for word including stories as if they had had the experience themself when in reality it was someone else who had the experience. Regardless I'm glad that God uses ALL things ("I always circle that word in my Bible"( and if someone wants to learn then He will use things to grow them. I think that any group who wanted to learn will get so much out of what this sermon teaches sooooo I pray that if you use it as a resource that you see very obviously the affects of how it changes the lives of those you deliver it to. God bless your ministry.

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