Summary: Continuation of series of sermons on Jabez’s prayer.

A lot can be learned of how a man’s life is spent at the conclusion of his days. History on all of us is still being written. For most of us, we have not reached the apex of our existence. There are chapters to be written in our lives that we cannot imagine.

There are chapters of joy.

There are chapters of sorrow.

There are chapters of laughter.

There are chapters of tears.

There are chapters of heartache.

There are chapters of heartbreak.

There are chapters of the thrill of victory.

There are chapters of the agony of defeat.

Perhaps this should be encouraging to anyone who’s going through something right now. Your final chapter is yet to be written. It’s not over yet. Life has yet to have its final crescendo.

So the question is this: What if life terminated right now? What if life ebbed from your body at this very movement? What would be said of your relationship with the Lord?

Would they say you loved the Lord?

Would they say you worshiped the Lord?

Would they say you gave your best in service?

And would they be able to say that you had a unique and effective prayer life? In other words - are your prayers answered or are they glued to the ceiling of your room? Do your prayers reach the throne room of God or are they placed on hold? Do your prayers move God or do they move you? Do your prayers capture the attention of God or are they ignored?

There can be a powerful principle that can be learned in this room at this hour: and that principle is that God wants to enable His children - He wants to make you a man of answered prayers or a woman of answered prayers.

Many of us have been led to believe that we can’t have a power filled prayer life. That you have to live to such a standard that is off of the map. That you have to wear white all of the time and you have to be on your knees twenty-four seven.

Prayers are not effectual because you assume a physical posture - prayers are made effectual because you assume a spiritual posture.

Prayers are not effectual because you pray in a church building - prayers are made effectual when you understand that your spiritual house needs to communicate to the Heavenly father.

Prayers are not effectual because you make a lot of noise on earth - prayers are made effectual when the Lord inclines His ear to hear your faintest cry.

It is important to understand the wonderful possibility that this raises - God, the Heavenly Father, the creator of Heaven and Earth - has the capability of hearing and granting your request.

However, also understand that there are some things that we need to glean from a study of this text that will place this truth in clear context.

First, God is Able to Grant Requests

The epitaph of Jabez’s life is now recorded. He is not lauded for being a great humanitarian. He is not lauded for being a great churchman. He is not even lauded for being a good community citizen. He is noted for being in the position of unique relationship with God.

God’s relationship with Jabez is that of Jehovah-Jireh. God is a provider. Anybody here knows that He is a provider? He has the ability, because of His divine nature to grant the request of men and women, boys and girls.

Somebody here should know that God has ability to provide because He is not limited in His resources. He’s unlimited in resources.

If you need healing - He has healing power.

If you need employment - He has jobs available.

If you need companionship - He has arms that can envelope you.

If you need finances - He has banks that grant loans to people with bad credit.

If you need friends - He has people waiting to strengthen your life.

If you need to raise your children by yourself - He has patience available for you.

Not only does God has the resources available for you. But this text suggests that God’s method of delivery is not cold and impersonal. The Hebrew word here is “bow” and it does not mean that the Angels deliver it. It does not mean the Seraphims deliver it. But the resources of God are delivered by God himself.

That’s good news. God would not allow anyone else to handle the blessings that He causes in my life. I believe a reason for that is that God does not want any delivery problems.

God doesn’t want your blessings being sent to the wrong address.

God doesn’t want your healing sent to another person.

God doesn’t want your miracle sent to the wrong house.

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