Summary: Jesus is LORD and Master of ALL


Col. 1:12-19

INTRO: Jesus the Central Figure (Subject) of the Bible

A. Is Promoting, Bragging about Jesus above All other deities,

too Gnostics, Skeptics & anyone else

1. Great battle going on, Attacks from all sides

a. Religions fight the Supremacy of Christ

b. Skeptics of today, Da Vinci Code & now this so called

Gospel of Judas

1. Brown the author of the Da Vinci Code admits it is Fiction. Not

true, not accurate nor reliable

2. Gospel of Judas is not Gospel no good news

a. As so many other so-called new findings will be proven unreliable

c. Yet there is the on going effort to discredit Jesus, to not

acknowledge Him as Lord of ALL

2. The Supremacy of Christ Preeminence Superiority

a. Who’s No 1? Jesus is, more than just bragging rights

**Bragging Rights 3 ladies were exercising their pride of their grown sons. 1st lady told of the extravagant birthday parties her son provided, "Why he even hired a full band for my last birthday." The 2nd lady bragged about her son gave her such lavish vacations. "just last month he sent me to Hawaii for the Fourth time." The 3rd woman was not to be out done. She piped up, "That’s nothing. My son has been paying a psychiatrist $150 a week for the last three years just so he can talk about me." IOW Win. 96 pg 19

A. Dear Son who Saved us v12-13

1. "Whom" Pronoun v14 is Jesus the Son of God

2. Saved (Saved) the Writer & assumed readers of Colosse

B. See Him in the typology, symbolism, Shadows of Scriptures

1. Ex. Rock, Lamb, Water, Bread, Word of God

C. His Name is the Sweetest, Loveliest, Mightiest of All names

1. Hear His Name is to remind us of His Love, Grace Power

in Salvation

a. God’s Names 1) Jehovah = Lord: The Existing One self

Existence Relationship between God & man

2) Elohim: Strength Authority Judge

3) Adonai: Lord Master, Sovereign, Owner

2. Only Name for Salvation is JESUS "Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved." Ac. 4:12

Philip. 2:9-11

D. Name of highest Rank, Spot, Elevation, Prominence, Glory

Illustrious Preeminence First place in heart, adoration, life

1. Over Courts, Schools, White House Our Hearts

2. He is Supreme: Deserving for the Following Reasons


A. Is the Image of God

*Made in the Image = model or replica, Not the Real Thing

1. Not "made in image" as man Gen 1:27

2. God in flesh a. See Jesus see God

1. Seeing Jesus as He actually is is crucial in finding God

**Not recognized At a reception honoring musician Sir Robert Mayer on his 100th birthday, elderly British socialite Lady Diana Cooper fell into conversation with a friendly woman who seemed to know her well. Lady Diana’s failing eyesight prevented her from recognizing her fellow guest until she peered more closely at the magnificent diamonds and realized she was talking to Queen Elizabeth! Overcome with embarrassment, Lady Diana curtsied and stammered, "Ma’am, oh, ma’am, I’m sorry, ma’am. I didn’t recognize you without your crown!" SOURCE: Today in the Word, November 16, 1995, p. 23., from

b. Nature of God: Essence, Divine nature, All Properties

1. Eternal, Immutable (Constant, Unchanging) Wisdom

2. Omniscient & Omnipotent LOVE

B. Go to God Through Jesus, as Flesh to Soul


A. Explains v15 "Son of the First born"

B. Master Builder, Creator "by Him" Jn 1:1-5, 14

1. Purpose 2. of Pleasure "created by him, and for him"

Rev. 4:11"Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created."

C. Whether they be earth, sun, moon or Angelic beings

1. All things

2. Reveals: Supremacy, Power, Authority over ALL

3. He does Not pay homage to any

a. But all Reverence HIM He is Worth of Worship Glory

III. EXISTENCE (Life, Permanent, Reality) v17

A. God isn’t Dead! "And he is"

1. Well, Aware and Worthy 2. In Control

B. Holds all together "Glue" "consist"

1. Nature resides in Him

C. No Worry

1. No Nuclear Destruction

2. Environmental Disaster to destroy the Ecosystem

3. Why? Why does God preserve life?

a. Redemption, Reconciliation of the lost, Time to save


A. The Premier Institution, He is the Head, Maker, founder,

Leader, provider

1. He = Himself is emphatic

2. Not an angel or a Man No Pope

B. The Church, eternal, lasting, Persevere

1. Message, Mission for mankind

a. Not to please men, but to save men

b. Too often men run the church as if it belongs to us

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