Summary: The presence of God is God Himself. the presence of God in your life is directly related to your relationship with God.

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Title: The Presence of God 16.06.06

I am excited that I can have a chance to share the word of God with you today. I am glad that your leader invited me here today. Because your leader invited me, so I come. Because I decided to come, that’s why I’m here to night. If he doesn’t invite me, I wouldn’t have come, and I would not be here tonight. So tonight I’m here. I invited a few of my frens to come with me tonight, they decided to come, and they are here tonight. If I never invited them, they would not come, and they will not be here tonight. Halleluyah, because of your invitation, all of us have invited, and all of us have made to decision to come, and all of us are here tonight. Some of you here tonight, maybe your fren invited you to come, if they doesn’t invite you, you will not be here, and you will not made the decision to come, and you will not come. So I’m happy all of you are here tonight.

Let’s pray:

I’m very sure, just now when I gave my introduction, some of you might be thinking in your heart. What is this pastor talking. She spoke soooo much just to sum up in one sentence that she’s happy that she is here tonight, that’s it!!! I’m here tonight to share on the title of the presence of God.

In order to understand what is the presence of God, you need to know what is not the presence of God. There are 4 examples that I want you to know tonight.

1. The presence of God doesn’t equal to loud music.

Everybody write loud music. Too many people think that, the louder is our praise and worship, the more the presence of God is in our midst.

The louder I shout, the stronger the presence of God is among us. Halleluyah!!!! Thank you Jesus!!! Frens, the presence of God doesn’t equal to the loudness of your music, if it’s that way, then the bible wouldn’t tell us that Elijah heard God in a still small voice. I’m not saying loud music is not good, I love praise and worship, I love to dance, btw I did a 2 full years of dance in Singapore. I’m not against any style of worship, but the presence of God is not equal to our loud music. I heard enough of people told me that pastor Wincci; I shouted very loudly, sing with all of my heart during the service. I even got bad soar throd after the service. Wah I really feel the presence of God very strongly man.

But how many of you know that next week, when we have prayer meeting, I never see that person, or not long later, he just back slide with no reason. If loud music equal to the presence of God, how can he get back slide in such a short time?

Tell your neighbor: the presence of God doesn’t equal to loud music.

2. The presence of God doesn’t equal to activities

Many people think, as long as I get busy enough with God, God is surely with me. Or some people might think, wah my church got a lot of activities, very active, everybody is serving all the time, sure the presence of God is with us. Oh that church down the road, not much activities, the only thing they have is prayer meeting and bible study class, boring. The presence of God is not with them. Listen fren, the presence of God doesn’t measure by your loud music, neither your service for God.

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