Summary: Acts Series: 5th sermon--PAYING THE PRICE OF UNITY.

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The Price of Pentecost, pt. 2

Acts 1:12-14

Then, to sum of vv. 15-26, it tells how they chose Matthias to replace the fallen disciple, Judas Iscariot.

The early church had none of the things we seem to think are so essential for success today:

Bldg./money/staff/internet/faxes/reputation/programs…so why were they so successful? Because they had the 1 thing most churches today do not have: the power of God on their ministry.

The glory days are in the past, because the glory of God is departed (not His presence, but His power [glory])

I want this to be a place that’s more than just another church, but where people get the help they need, where lives are truly touched and changed!

Joke—enlisted man in military/felt sick/wife said to go to military hospital on base/found 2 doors, one for emergency, other for non-emergency/went for non/long hallway/door for “sick”, another for “injured”/ “very sick” or “moderately sick”/officer or enlisted/went thru enlisted, found himself back in the parking lot!

Went home/wife asked if he went to hospital/sure did/get help?/no, but boy are they organized!

I see us becoming a well-oiled machine, and there’s nothing wrong w/ that, but there’s so much more that the masses are looking for…the real thing!

(We can have greeters in place, music just right, temperature just right {not often}, but w/out power of God it doesn’t matter a bit!)

We’re talking about paying the price to be the kind of church God wants us to be. Good churches don’t just happen by accident…somebody has to be willing to pay the price.

Acts 1 shows us 4 principles which will lead to the kind of soul-saving, community-changing power of Acts 2:

We talked about obedience last time, and will continue today w/ the next one…but let me give you all 4 so you can be thinking about them:

1. Obedience—waited in Jerusalem (that place [Exodus])

2. Unity—v. 14—one accord…as we have learned here, God doesn’t bless fussing and fighting…a house divided cannot stand. (some seem to want a problem, pull us down off our high horse, be disagreeable or have power struggles, but we will protect unity even if it means they cannot stay.)

Our motto may have changed, but our attitude has not!

3. Prayer—v. 14—they prayed for 10 days, preached for 10 minutes, and 3k got saved (today we want the opposite!) Last week most didn’t fast, prayed for 10 minutes, then had Bruce preach for 10 days, and wondered why no on was saved!

4. Godly leadership—choosing Matthias…applies to our leadership, pastoral, deacons, teachers, etc.

We can’t get everyone on board and shouldn’t expect to, but if ever we get all our leaders right, on board, in unity, and recognizing we have a problem and that the glory of God is departed, there’s just no limit to what God can do…He’ll allow us to move from ch. 1 to ch. 2!

We used the illustration of a spiritual ATM:

Obedience in…


Obedience was the first of the 4 areas listed in ch. 1 in order to get the blessings of ch. 2

Let’s move on to

2. Unity

v. 14—one accord

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