Summary: Whatever her condition and whatever she had already gone through that morning, she was completely disgraced and exposed in front of all these people and this great Teacher and miracle worker named Jesus.



I have dealt with some challenging issues inside the church as well as outside the church the past few weeks as it pertains to why there are so many struggles within the local church today. Rev. Lawson on this past Wednesday evening delivered a powerful message on the WHEAT and the TARES that are commanded to grow together. I am not sure why it seems as though society has lost sight of the fact that the Church was established for those with real issues and challenges in their life. Not sure when Church transitioned to a place of ENTERTAINING FOR JESUS:

• Best Psalmists

• Best Choirs

• Best Praise Dancers

• Auditioning to sing in the choir

• Million Dollar travel and Mercedes Benz or Bently budget for the Pastor – yet members caught in recession get evicted because church has no assistance program

• On Facebook other day where someone was explaining Prophetic Dance – how ridiculous

• Someone on Facebook was criticizing a person for singing with a hymnal and called them unprofessional for using a hymnal, are you kidding me

It appears to me as well, that if we are not doing what the big churches are doing, then the smaller church is being viewed as not having the Anointing of God operating and flowing. Can I give you a News Flash Church? Mega-Churches have been all in the media for the past few years. God is pulling the cover off and exposing a lot of mess. People are now returning to the smaller, local Church. We need to ensure that we are properly Positioned for those that God will send our way.

• Ensure we understand who the Church is

• Ensure we understand why the Church was birthed

• Ensure we understand the Church is made up of Sinners and Saints

• Ensure we understand that the Church does not have the right or authority to separate

In text for examination, Jesus deals with this concept. We find the Savior praying throughout the night in his secret prayer room found on the MT. OF OLIVES. Jesus knew the challenges he would face the next day. Can I FOOTNOTE here briefly? Most of the time we have failures in our day, because of not ADEQUETELY preparing the night before, did you catch that? Jesus prayed throughout the night and was able to face this early morning challenge. We prepare the night before – BATH – IRON CLOTHES FOR NEXT DAY – MAKE CHILDRENS LUNCH FOR NEXT DAY. That is about the extent of it.

• I have found that most of my challenges do come early in the morning

• If the adversary can get to you early in the morning, he will be able to disrupt your entire day

• Ever notice that boss or co-workers ordinarily hit your hot button before you even get your first cup of coffee?

• Children act crazy when you are preparing to rush them out the door to school – disrupts your whole day

• Must take the lead of the Savior and Adequately Prepare the Night Before

• Turn off that Television and go spend time on bended knees preparing for the battles we will face tomorrow

The text calls to our attention - Early the next morning as the Sun began to rise in the East, Jesus made his descent and found his way to the Church, that is to say the TEMPLE. It is important that we understand, Jesus was serious about MINISTRY, that is why we find not only did he go to the temple – “ALL THE PEOPLE CAME UNTO HIM; AND HE SAT DOWN, AND TAUGHT THEM.”

• We could not get a church full this past Wednesday night for Worship

• I wonder, if we become more committed to our ministry what would happen

• We are not talking evening service in our text – but early morning service, the temple was full

• I can see the day PPWC that every time the doors open we are full in this place

• As we continue to teach and preach the Word it will draw the world back to the church

• People are growing weary of the concerts and musicals and returning to the Word

Those that grace the pulpits across the land should understand if we are REAL ABOUT MINISTRY, we would draw the conclusion that God’s people desire the Word and will support a Word or Teaching Ministry.

Jesus is in the Temple teaching – the people entered the temple with a desire to be taught. The Bible tells us “ALL THE PEOPLE.” I have learned the most effective way to fill the church – to rid the church of empty pews is NOT TO INVOKE GIMMICKS – but continue to TEACH and PREACH the Word.

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