Summary: The spiritual steps needed when going through a spiritual process.

There aren’t too many people who are fans of processes. A process infers that we have to go through a series of actions before we can see end results. A process infers that sometimes we have to wait a while before we reach a desired destination.

• A process requires time in order to yield the desired results.

• It seems like a process is the best thing to go through if we want to receive the best results in the end, but what makes a process difficult to go through is that we just don’t like to wait.

• Let’s admit it, we’re impatient people. We live in a society where almost everything is instant.

The next time you’re in the grocery store, pay attention to how things are labeled. Instant grits, instant coffee, instant pancakes, instant this and that.

• There was a time when you would have to prepare babies’ milk on the stove, which took a few minutes. Now you just take some powdered milk, mix it with water and instantly you have milk for the baby.

• And I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with receiving some results instantly, but on the other hand when some things don’t go through processes, then the end results aren’t as enjoyable as they would have been if you had gone through a series of actions with an expectation of an acceptable end result.

Popcorn cooked over a stove is more enjoyable than instant microwaved popcorn. If that baby could talk and had a choice between instant milk and milk prepared on the stove, they would probably choose the real thing; but when things (or people) don’t go through the full process, it just isn’t the same.

• No matter how advanced this world becomes, and how many things become instant, in our lives, and particularly our spiritual lives, there are some things we’ll just have to wait to receive or accomplish.

• There will be some processes we’ll have to go through before we become established.

The process of establishment suggest to us that before we reach the mountaintop, or before we become firm, stable, or settled into a certain position, we must first go through a process. In order words, in this life you may not always experience instant success.

• Rather than quickly achieving goals, there are going to be times in your life where you will have to go through a process filled with heartache and pain, before you can experience sunshine and gain.

• Langston Hughes said it best in his poem titled “Mother to Son”, “Life for me aint been no crystal stair. It’s been hard and bare and rough places on the floor, But all the while I’se been climbing, and going forth.”

Life is a process, we have to go through and experience various things, good, bad, and ugly before we can become established in different areas and levels in life.

• Glass has to be placed in the fire before it’s established as a beautiful vase in a boutique store in Paris.

• A great sports team has to go through long days, weeks, and months of practice before they even have an opportunity to play in a championship game.

• And in our spiritual lives, God has to make, break, shape, hold, and mold us before we can experience some of the blessings He has in store for us.

In the process of establishment, we need to understand that patience is necessary in order to wait on God to settle us into the position He has already ordained for us.

• You see what we fail to realize at times, is that for the Christian the battle is already won. God has already made a way out of our situations and circumstances.

• God has already established the end results of where we need to be and where He wants us to be.

• All we have to do is go through the process in order to reach that desired place of establishment.


In our selected passage, we find the psalmist David sharing his experience as he went through one of his processes of establishment.

• David we know mostly as the second king of Israel who God called as a replacement to the throne in which Saul had lost because of his turning away from God.

• But if we really study and examine the life of David we most often will see a reflection of ourselves.

We can relate to his pride, sneakiness, sexual immorality, fears, and doubts. There are many things David experienced that we too have experienced. But the good news is that we not only see those dark moments of his life, but we see how he overcame those rough times. This should help when we’re going through our various trials.

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