Summary: The Beatitudes show the beautiful progression of blessedness as one grows in maturity in the Kngdom of God.

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I. Inward (5:3-5)

A. Poor in Spirit- bankrupt before God

1. Citizenship

B. Those who Mourn – over their bankruptcy

1. Comfort

C. The Meek – pliable; submissive

1. Inheritance

II. Upward (5:6)

A. Hunger for Righteousness

1. Seems to denote yearning for growth

2. We hunger for food for basic sustenance

B. Thirst for Righteousness

1. Yearning for survival

2. Dependence upon God for salvation

3. Satisfaction

III. Outward (5:7-12)

A. Merciful

1. Generous, forgiving, compassionate

2. Freely we have received, freely give

3. Mercy

B. Pure in Heart

1. Moral uprightness

2. A lifestyle characterized by pleasing God

3. Paradise

C. Peacemakers

1. Work for wholeness and harmony

2. Reconciling others to God

3. God’s true ambassadors (sons)

D. Persecuted for Righteousness’ Sake

1. The result of righteousness

2. Because of Christ

3. Great Reward

4. Honorable standing

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