Summary: Deals with the verse in Mathew where it promises Christ return after the Gospel had been preached in the whole world

The Promise

Mathew 24:14


A. I’m sure by now all you have that song in your head. I can not tell you how many times it has been in my head. But what does it all mean?

B. It is just some catchy song that happen to be written by the AB Simpson person?

C. It is just some catchy jingle to get you in the mood for missions conference

D. I got it, maybe it is something to liven up Missions Conference.

E. I know (And this is for my wonderful youth group) it is just another song to fill in the service because I preach so short.

F. Or could it be that Mr. Simpson was on to something.

G. We are going to examine three important phrases from this verse/song

1. What is “This Gospel of the Kingdom”?

2. How to be a “Testimony to all nations”

3. What do we mean by “And then the end will come?”

I. What is “this Gospel of the Kingdom”?

A. Explanation

1. It is vital to know what we are saying

2. Who’s Kingdom are we talking about?

a. This is a real easy one, I hope, this is like one of those great Sunday School answers, you know what is brown and furry and gathers nuts?

3. What about Gospel?

a. Did you know that the word Gospel has the connection of messenger of good news. That is what the Kingdom is about, Good news.

4. So now what is the kingdom?

a. The Kingdom is something that is not easily fully understood. I would love to give you like one catchy little sentence that you could go from and remember for the rest of your life. But the Kingdom is way more then could ever be defined. I have read a whole book the tries to explain it, and still it left me confused.

B. Application

1. Folks, knowing what the Gospel is all about is essential, let me give you a quick review

a. Man is sinful, has been since the creation of time, look at Adam and Eve.

b. God never has and never will sin

c. That creates a separation. There is way for man to bridge the separation (ROM 3:23)

d. Without any help, we would be going to hell (ROM 6:23)

e. There had to be a perfect substitution for us, That was JESUS!

f. He went to the Cross for us, and rose again!


C. Illustration

II. How to be “A testimony to all nations”

A. Explanation

1. We can easily figure out the all nations part, that means every nation(easy huh)

2. But what about this concept of testimony? I know we have heard the word Testimony billions of times but have we ever stop and thought about what it means?

a. It has to do with two different ideas working together Evidence and Witness

b. Think about how these two words are used in court. The one has to do with factual concrete proof and the other has to do with people.

c. But that idea together and you have Testimony

B. Application

1. So we have this idea of a testimony, now how do we live that out

2. there should be a difference in our lives

3. Sometimes we will not always be able to preach, however action a larger then words often

4. You are either advancing the Kingdom or hurting it with your testimony. I hope that you are advancing it

C. Illustration

Turn with me if you will to Mathew 25:34-45, Notice the Testimony of the one group compared to the other.

III. What does it mean by “then the end will come?”

A. Explanation

1. This is by far the hardest one to grasp.

2. The obvious part is it is talking about Christ Return

3. Does that mean that when the great commission is fulfilled that Christ will come?

a. That is something I do not want to say is absolutely true. However I do not want to say that it is completely false.

b. I think that God will wait until every nation has heard but I do not feel that we as humans control the coming of the Lord

c. God could have easily used something else then humans to tell people of Him, but he chooses us.

d. To say that was are in control of Christ 2nd coming is a bit arrogant, however, we do need to be working on completing the great commission.

B. Application

1. How do we complete the Great commission?

2. WE support our Missionaries

3. WE go and tell our friends

4. We go and tell others

5. This is not new stuff, but put it into action

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