Summary: 6 of 6. Peter revealed that a false liberty had been presented to the Church. The true Church yields to true liberty, but Why? We will examine 9 stipulations of true Liberty(God’s liberty)....

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The PROMISE Of LIBERTY-VI—2Peter 2:17-22


Forklift Economy

After being laid off from three jobs in the past year, Dewey was hired to work in a warehouse.

Unfortunately, one day he lost control of the forklift & drove it off the loading dock. Surveying the damage, the owner shook his head & said, "I'm sorry, Dewey, but I'm going to have to withhold 10 percent of each of your paychecks until we back the damage."

"How much do you think it will cost?" Dewey asked.

“Looks to be in the neighborhood of about $5-10,000,” the owner replied.

Dewey gets a big smile on his face, & his eyes light up. He gives the boss a big bear hug & exclaims, ”Finally!” "Job security!”

With the promise of his newfound job security, Dewey was free to make some plans!

There are many purveyors of false ‘truth’ who are infecting & effecting our great country’s government. In fact, because we are not a ‘Christian nation’ per se, but are rather a ‘Christian influenced’ nation,

Politicos promise happiness, prosperity, peace, freedom, wellness, care, etc. within a background of the church...BUT is their’s True(real/actual) Liberty/Freedom?

We must ask ourselves a question in all seriousness...

Is Liberty/Freedom a reality for you?

Peter revealed that a false liberty had been presented to the Church.

The true Church yields to true liberty.

But panderers of false Liberty/Freedom can mislead the Church.

Why must the Church yield to God’s liberty?

9 distinctions/functions/invitations/stipulations of true Liberty...God’s liberty.

We have found previously that...

True Liberty...God’s Liberty stipulates/assumes...

1. A QUENCHED THIRST(:17a)“wells without water”

2. ETERNAL LIGHT(:17b)“blackness of darkness forever”

3. HUMILITY(:18a)“great swelling words”

4. FULLNESS(:18b)“emptiness”


6. A RESTRICTED SATISFACTION(:18d) “thru lusts of the flesh” “lewdness”

7. A RELIABLE PROMISE/Promise’s Liability(:19a)

8. A TELLING ENSLAVEMENT(:19b)“slaves of corruption,” “overcome” & “brought into bondage”

9—True liberty stipulates...


Explanation:(:20-22)“escaped the pollutions”

:20—“For if, after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, they are again entangled in them & overcome, the latter end is worse for them than the beginning.”

These false prophets & teachers(:1) had at one point in time, “escaped” the contaminants which color & actually define “the world” wholly given to sin. They had done this through “the knowledge of the Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.” Their’s is a ‘head’ knowledge of/about rather than a ‘heart’ knowledge in. They “know” very well “of” “Jesus’” lordship & salvation & Messianic promise.

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