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Summary: This is the third sermon in a series of four on The Holy Spirit from John 14:26 emphasizing the promise of the Holy Spirit as the way one is to live the Christian life.

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There’s a little stream flowing at the back property line behind the neighbor’s house and ours. I’ve walked back there and this Summer there was no flow. That stream or branch had no flow of water. Have you ever crossed the Coosa River when there was no water flowing under the bridge? No! That’s why Jesus used the image and analogy of a river to promise the continual flow of the Holy Spirit from within your life to enable Christ to live the Christian life through you.

Jesus promises again in John 14:16 that He will ask the Father and that the Father will give you another pracletos, helper, that He may be with you forever.” Then in John 16:7 once again Jesus promises that HE will send the Helper to His disciples, “But if I go, I will send Him to you.”

What’s at stake with the promised Holy Spirit? Back to our main text at John 14:26, the promise is that the Father will send the Holy Spirit “in My name.” It’s Jesus character that’s at stake in the promise of the Holy Spirit. Jesus word is at stake! Jesus work is at stake! Jesus life within us is at stake!

The Promise of the Holy Spirit has to do with HOW you live the Christian Life. The Helper is your guide, your leader, your revealer, your illuminator – He is your life! He’s the help you need to understand you are/were a Sinner. He’s the help you need to know God. He’s the help you need to be born again. He’s the help you need every moment of every day to live life.

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