Summary: Presents, Parties, This shcool event, that event over there, pretty songs. Christmas is not because of those things, lets take a look at what Christmas really is

Luke 2:8-20

The proper reaction to Christmas!


Opening: I now you have all been busy with doing Christmas. Buying this

buying that, this party that party, decorating the house, cooking.

But why are we doing all this What is the purpose?

Background: After the Angel appeared to Mary and told her she would have a

son. Mary and Joseph go to back to there home town to be count

for Census. And we remember that they were in the stable cause

there was not room

Direction: I would like to talk about what Christmas should mean to us. I

have three different areas of Christmas that will build on each


1. The Reason (9-12)

2. The Rejoicing (13-14)

3. The Reaction (15-20)

I. The Reason (9-12)

A. Explanation

1. So here are these Shepherds just doing there job

a. Now shepherds were not exactly the cream of the crop, they were looked done at by the Pharisees for not keeping all of the “law”

b. For example they would not wash there hand before the ate. Partly cause there was not time or water but they were looked done at

2. These particular shepherds were special though, they were in charge of keeping the flock of sheep that would be use for sacrifices.

3. Notice how in Vs 9 it says the angels were terrified…well I would hope so! Wouldn’t you be terrified?

4. So they angels tell them not to be terrified — easy for them to say.

5. Then the angels give them The Reason!

B. Application

1. Once again God did not choose the “high class society” He chose normal people. This Gospel is meant for us, not just the rich.

2. There is no mistaken what the reason for Christmas is.

3. That Little Baby is the Reason

C. Illustration

Reason is very important in our life. In 7th grade I had to do some leaf project were we had to identify what the leaf was and stuff we know about the tree and leaf. I ask the question “What is the reason of doing this?” WE need to know why we are doing something. The Reason that we are doing Christmas is because of Jesus

T.S. So now that we have the reason I think it is time for some rejoicing

II. The Rejoicing (13-14)

A. Explanation

1. And that is exactly what the angels did!

2. I’m sure the shepherds just did not sit there and say “what a pretty show”

3. VS 14. WOW! What else to say?

B. Application

1. Knowing the Reason, what should we do with it?

2. There is definitely a time to rejoice!

3. What better time to rejoice then Christmas!

4. Our Savior was born, that should make us happy

C. Illustration

Think about sports, we love to celebrate. I remember one game in particular. I believe it a 96’ playoff game against the Colts. The whole game was a nail bitter. Finally the last play of the game the colts throw a hail Mary into the end zone and for about 5 hrs (ok maybe a little exaggeration) I did not know if and who caught the ball. Finally the play was ruled incomplete. Steelers Won! I was rejoicing. The sad part about it is that it is just a stupid football game. There is a much better reason to rejoice! Jesus!

T.S. Now that the shepherds have the reason and they have rejoiced, What should

happen next?

III. The Reaction (15-20)

A. Explanation

1. The shepherds got up and started heading to find Jesus

2. When they saw him, the went and told everyone they saw

3. Every one was impressed with what the “Shepherds” told them

4. The Shepherds then returned and rejoiced again!

B. Application

1. This is really important what the shepherds do – The go and tell

2. Way to many times we rejoice, and stop there

3. Yes we know the reason, yes we need to rejoice, and yes We MUST react

4. With out any action, everything else is pointless

C. Illustration

You might not think there is any science or strategy in running but I tell you there is. I have studied form, strategy, training, philosophy, and anything else you can think of about running. However, I still am not a “elite” runner. So in some sense then all that knowledge is useless if I don’t use it. The same thing is true if we just sit there with the reason and rejoice but never do anything else. It is useless


A. Don’t just make this beautiful time of the year. Yes the lights are nice yes the snow is pretty, but this is a special time of the year.

B. This is not about the things we have to do like presents, party’s, decoration. This is about God!

There is a reason for the season.

There is joy in rejoicing for the reason

There MUST BE an action of reaction to the rejoicing for the reason


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