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Summary: Keeping our life pure is done by keeping our life in line with God’s Word. Keeping our life pure or right is accomplished by hiding God’s Word in our heart.

Matters of the Heart

PSALM 119: 9-11


[Job 22:22]

The main point or argument of Psalm 119 is that a faithful man should stir up himself to meditate on God’s word so that he might establish himself in the Lord. The verses of Psalm 119 are group by eights and each set of eight verses is alphabetically arranged according to the Hebrew alphabet. In the second set of eight verses, 9-16, every verse in the section begins with b, [beth, a house]. The subject of this section is the Word of Yahweh purifies the Life. [Key word, jkz (zacah), to be pure, to make pure, to cleanse.]

Heart is a key word in Scripture and in this lesson. What is the heart? One definition of the heart is that it is the organ that DISTINGUISHES the LIVING from the DEAD. How do you experience more of the life of God in your heart?

There is a lot of MEDICINE on the market today, designed specifically for the heart, and it is suppose to prevent heart attacks or strokes. There is one heart medication advertisement which has a hospital bed following a man every where he goes. The advertizer says that if you have had one heart attack you are ripe for another...unless you take this medicine. If you take this medicine they claim it will prevent a heart attack.

Wouldn’t it be great if God could give us preventative medicine to help our “heart” or the center of our personal life; our thinking, will, and emotions? Is their anything we can take that will prevent sin from building up in our heart? Is there something we can take that will keep the center or focus of our personal life, the spring of all our desires, motives, and moral choices - indeed, of all our behavioral trends healthy and right before God?

I have good news for you. Yes there is a prescription that we can take that will prevent sin from building up in our life. The text before us declares how we can keep our heart right or pure. Keeping our life pure is done by keeping our life in line with God’s Word (CIT). Keeping our life pure or right is accomplished by hiding God’s Word in our heart. For the work of sanctification is wrought in the heart by the Spirit of God, by means of the Word.

God has given us the best thing, to put in the best place, for the best purpose. First,




The Bible is a book for young people. In verse 9 there is a question and an answer for young people. First the question; How can a young man keep his way pure? The question concerns a person, a young man, and his most difficult task, keeping His way pure, is proposed.

How can a young man [naar, “shaken off,” to cast off the paternal yoke or care of his parents] become pure and live a holy life? As a young man he is full of hot passions, and lacking in knowledge and experience. At that age we are often foolish, headstrong and unteachable. How can we get right, and stay right? Never was there a more important question for any person. Never was there a better time for asking it than before a young person sets out on his own. The strength, the aspirations, the unmarred expectations of youth who are ready to make their mark in the world, must be consecrated to God so they are not lead astray down that broad road that leads to destruction.

It is by no means an easy task which is here set before a young person. They are asked to choose the pure clean way and walk in it. This choice is hard for any person. How will a youth accomplish it? How can a youth overcome the world, the flesh, and the devil. That unholy trinity of the world, the flesh, and the devil has spoiled and defiled so many hopeful lives. [His way, jra, orach, signifies a track, a rut, such as is made by the wheel of a cart or chariot. A young man is making a rut, beaten path, that he will most likely stay in the rest of his life.] How can he be saved from what will destroy heart, mind, body, and soul?

Though it will be difficult in the best of circumstance, let us not shrink from the glorious enterprise of living a pure and noble life. For there is no nobler ambition that can be set before a youth. Though you have energy and confidence that youth bring, do not think that you have wisdom sufficient for the task. You would do well to enquire of God the way by which all obstacles may be overcome. For you will not find or know the road to victory without God’s leadership and direction. No matter how wonderful your dreams, they will remain just dreams without following the Lord’s purpose and way for your life. You are young and unaccustomed to the road that leads to life so do not be ashamed to enquire often of this pure way from Him who is so ready and so able to instruct you in it.

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