Summary: Why do we care about the unreached? What difference does it make? What is all the fuss about anways? Those questions will be looked at

2 Peter 3:12 PURPOSE

Missions Conference 2001


A. It’s that time again. It is that time once a year were we…

B. Many of you have grown up in this Church. Maybe in an Alliance Church all the time. It seems like all your hear about is missions….

C. I know many of you are sick of hearing about missions.

D. Why do we worry about missions? Seems stupid to worry about people 3000 miles away when we have enough problems of our own.

E. So what is the PUROSE? That is what we are going to look at today

F. I will be using a very ‘powerful’ acronym today. POW!

1. Problem

2. Out look

3. Work

I. Problem

A. Explanation

1. We would like to think that all good people go to heaven

2. However, that it is not true.

3. Man Without God is LOST!

4. There is NO getting around that!

5. Romans 1:20 (Read it) (Explain it)

B. Illustration (See Statement)

C. Application

1. People are dying every day without knowing God as their personal Lord and Savior.

2. Those who die without know God go to hell!

3. God does not desire that to happen to anyone but, it will happen

4. That is the problem




The Christian and Missionary Alliance believes that natural revelation is insufficient for salvation, that Christ’s death and resurrection is the only sufficient ground for salvation, that one must personally repent of sin and turn in faith to Christ to receive the gift of salvation, and that Christ’s atonement is the necessary basis of salvation because humans do not live up to the light received from natural revelation according to Romans 1-3.

We continue to adhere to what we believe to be the clear witness of Scripture that those who do not hear the gospel are lost as surely as those who hear the gospel and reject it.

II. Out look

A. Explanation

1. This life that we know on earth will not last

2. Look at II Peter 3:12, looking forward to the day of God!

3. God will bring his wrath

4. Look at VS 10 (Read it) We will not know when!

B. Application

1. We have all heard about the pre-trib, pre-mill, post-trib… Things

2. You know what is important about all those things? God IS coming back! That will be a glorious day!

3. The time is one day shorter then yesterday

4. One of the requirements to the Lord coming back is every tribe and nations will here the Message of our Savior!

C. Illustration

Think back (or a head for some of you) to your schooling. You know you start off in 1st grade and so you look a head to 6th grade and you think that is so far away. Then you get to 6th grade and you start thinking about high school… Then you graduate from college and look back and man did time fly by. That is the same with the OUT LOOK of Christ’s Returning.

III. Work

A. Explanation

1. So what is our job?

2. Our job is to II Peter 3:11, II Peter 3:14 (Read it)

3. Our job is to forward the coming of the Lord

B. Application

1. We have been lazy for far too long

2. We need to be advancing the Kingdom

3. You might not think that this applies but God said “Either your for me or against me”

4. If we our not doing our Work God told us to do then we are going against God!

5. This is not just the work of Ministers, official workers, or even Elders, it is everyone!

C. Illustration ??


A. Yes Missions do have a PURPOSE

B. Yes we need to be remember that

C. People are dying everyday who do not know Christ.

D. Picture this…You have just made it to heaven and you can see both heaven and Hell. You see faces of people you know. There is one person that you told about God when you were 6 years old in Heaven. There are a couple of others there that you helped lead to Christ. There are some there that have a have a sign on them that says, “I am here because of your great commission gift”. Then you look on the other side. People that you had the opportunity to talk to, people whom have signs on them saying, “The Great Commission Fund did not reach me”. That is the reality of things. We have the POWer

E. Remember POW

The Problem

The Out Look

The Work

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