Summary: This series deals with how to properly honor the authorities in our life.

Honoring Authority

The Purpose of Authority

Opening Statement

This can be a very touchy subject due to the misuse of authority by people with wrong motivations. Or, it can be taken as a means to set oneself up on a pedestal. This series is about neither. It is about teaching what Godly authority is and how to honor authorities.

Godly authority is never about control! It is only about influence and responsibility (read Matthew 10:25-28).


Honor: 1) to regard or treat with respect, 2) the value of something precious, 3) of the honor one has due to their rank or office held

Authority: 1) the power of influence and right (privilege); 2) power of rule or government

Opening Thoughts

„h Every person alive is under some type of authority and will be until the day they die.

„h Authority is a God-thing, not a man-made thing.

„h By honoring authority, we honor God. By dishonoring authority, we dishonor God.

„h Authority is simply about: influence and responsibility.

„h Authority is meant to work to our advantage.

„h God uses authority to establish order.

„h Authority comes out of God¡¦s order, not necessarily rank or seniority.

Scripture Texts

1. Romans 13:1-7

2. Ephesians 5:21-25, 33-6:9

3. Hebrews 13:17

4. 1 Peter 2:17

5. Ecclesiastes 10:20

Instruments of Authority

„h God (He is the FINAL authority)

„h The Word of God (see above)

„h Personal Conscience

„h Parents

„h Church leadership (5 fold, elders, ministry heads, mentors, etc.)

„h Civil authorities (judges, policeman, President/Congress, teachers)

„h Employers and managers

„h Husbands

„h The Believer

(this list isn¡¦t an exhaustive list of all authorities.)

Godly Authority vs. Ungodly Authority

God ordains governing authority. All earthly authority is simply delegated authority. We can use our delegated authority for purposes of good or purposes of evil. It is our choice.

The Purpose of Authority

Authorities in general

„h They set boundaries for our protection (example: parents, church leaders)

„h They set and inflict penalties for injustices done (judges, Congress, police)

„h They arbitrate in the matters of indifference (court, parents, church leaders)

„h They give counsel when direction is needed.

Church authorities

„h They keep watch over our souls (Hebrews 13:17)

„h They raise us up and train us for ministry (Ephesians 4:11-13)

„h They release us into destiny (Acts 13:1-3)

„h They love us, encourage us and discipline us (example: the Pauline epistles)

„h They guide us (example: Paul and Timothy)

„h They prepare the way for those behind them (example: Paul and Timothy)

Closing Thoughts

„h Realize that all authority is the establishment of God.

„h God has commanded us to be subject to and honor authority.

„h We must forgive those who have abused their authority over our lives.

„h Remember that to dishonor authority is to dishonor God.

¡§Make a habit of getting even with people --- not those you think wronged you, but those you know who have helped you.¡¨ (Kay Levin)

Close by thanking God for the authorities in our lives. Pray over them, releasing blessings and wisdom for their lives.

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