I. Call to Joy I (1)

A. Repeated call

1. Prevalent theme in book

a. ‘Joy’ – 6X

b. ‘Rejoice’ – 8X

B. Basis of joy - ‘brethren’

C. Scope of our joy

1. ‘In the Lord’

2. Over 130X in NT

3. 9X in Philippians

II. Warning Against Judaisers (2)

A. Beware of dogs

1. Word used as a metaphor for person

with an impure mind

2. Reference to wild, ravenous, scavenger


B. Beware of evil workers

C. Beware of the concision

1. ‘Mutilation’ – play on words for


2. Contrasted to metaphorical use of

‘the circumcision’ referring to Christians

a. Christians separated from the

unclean multitude and truly

consecrated to God

III. Portrait of a Real Believer (3)

A. Worship God in the Spirit

B. Rejoice in Jesus

C. Have no confidence in the flesh

IV. Testimony of Confidence in the Flesh (4-6)

A. Deceptiveness of the flesh

B. Description of the flesh

1. Race

2. Family

3. Religion

4. Education

5. Zeal

6. Righteousness

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