Summary: Sermon Series on Malachi #9

Sermon Series on Malachi #9

The Purpose of the Church

Malachi 3:16-19

1. Feared the Lord. Job 28:28 Those that feared the Lord spoke to one anther they were betrayed by their speech. Just as evildoers are betrayed by their speech. John 13:34-35

2. Fellowship with other believers. Heb. 3:13 Heb. 10:25

3. Book of remembrance . . . for them—for their advantage, against the day when those found faithful among the faithless shall receive their final reward. The kings of Persia kept a record of those who had rendered services to the king, that they might be suitably rewarded (#Es 6:1,2; compare #Es 2:23 Ezr 4:15 Ps 56:8 Isa 65:6 Da 7:10 Re 20:12)

4. jewels—(#Isa 62:3). Literally, "My peculiar treasure" (#Ex 19:5 De 7:6 14:2 26:18 Ps 135:4 Tit 2:14 1Pe 2:9; compare #Ec 2:8).

5 Then shall ye . . . discern Mal 3:15 that the "proud" and wicked prosper. Do not judge before the time till My work is complete. It is in part to test your disposition to trust in God in spite of perplexing appearances, and in order to make your service less mercenary, that the present blended state is allowed; but at last all ("ye, " both godly and ungodly) shall see the eternal difference there really is "between him that serveth God and him that serveth Him not" (#Ps 58:11).

return—Ye shall turn to a better state of mind on this point.

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