Summary: The example of Jabez illustrated what it means to have divine breakthroughs and what to do in securing and maintaining the breakthroughs.

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Study Text: 1 Chronicles 4: 9 – 10


We can see how Jabez desired, pursued and prayed for divine breakthrough, and how he eventually got it. We can therefore infer that:

• Every step we take is either taking us closer or farther from our glorious destiny in Christ (Pro 3:5-8)

• Every decision we make is either to our advantage or disadvantage (Jer 2:13-17)

• Every step we take is either for our lifting or our downfall (Is 42:24-25)

• Every move we make is either helping or hurting our destiny (Ps 32:8-10)

- This is because ‘there is a way which seemeth right to a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death’ (Prov. 14:12; 16:25).

- Breakthrough is breaking through a barrier, which the Psalmist calls “Jumping over a wall.”

- It is when you penetrate your enemy’s defence. They have been trying to defend you but all of a sudden, you move in.

- It is an anointed increase, which will make people wonder what is happening to you.

- It is being lifted above all the enemies round about you.

- It is promotion, enrichment, betterment or positive headway.

We shall be discussing this topic under three sub headings:

1. Explaining The Principles For Divine Breakthrough

2. Exploring The Prayer For Divine Breakthrough

3. Encoutering The Power For Divine Breakthrough

1. Explaining The Principles For Divine Breakthrough

- Divine breakthrough, prosperity and success come from applying the principles contained in the Word of God.

- It has nothing to do with your location, background, education or your achievement in life.

- It is not limited by the source or cause of your problem, the magnitude of the problem, the duration of the problem or the record of failures in attempting to look for solution.

- The Biblical principles for divine breakthrough include:

1. Living or walking in righteousness

- The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree: Psalm 92:12

- The prayer of the righteous will have great impact: James 5: 16

2. Having delight in the word of God

- Delight to study, to listen to, to do or obey, and to teach to others.

- Joshua will succeed in his ministerial assignment by teaching ang living in the word of God. Joshua 1: 8.

- A man whose delight is in the word of God will prosper in all he does. Psalm 1: 1-3.

3. Commitment to prayer in the will of God.

- God already had our breakthrough in store, but we must reach out to it through our prayer in His will. His will are revealed to us through His word and by His Spirit.

- Elijah pray fervently for rain and received an answer because God promised to give the rain.

- All the prayer request of Jabez were granted because he prayed according to the will of God.

4. Yielding to and fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit.

- Only the power of the Holy Spirit can bring about divine breakthrough in all areas of our lives.

- The more will surrender and relate with Him, the more blessings and breakthrough we will receive. Phil. 2: 1-2.

2. Exploring The Prayer For Divine Breakthrough

- The prayer of Jabez is a perfect model prayer for divine breakthrough for every believer.

- Jabez would have fulfilled the above principles for his prayer to be answered, and his miracles received.

1. He prayed that God should bless him indeed.

- Any blessing that is not from God, can not last, or may add sorrow to it.

- Any door that is not opened by God will lead to eternal destruction.

- The blessings Jacob stole from Esau could not move him into the purpose of God, until he had the real encounter.

- These blessings include all maner of blessings in the physical and spiritual.

2. He prayed that God should enlarge his territory.

- God has plans, promises and prophesies for our enlargement in every area of our lives.

- The first blessing on man is to be fruitful and multiply.

- You may not grow, increase or be enlarged beyond what your vision can carry. 2King 6: 1-2.

3. He prayed the the hand of God will be with him

- This represent the presence of God and the power of God.

- Moses was not willing to continue without the presence of God.

- If you can maintain the presence and the power of God in your life, you will enjoy divine breakthroughs above your equals.

4. He prayed that God will keep him from evil

- We need divine protection and presevation to have and to enjoy divine breakthrough

- We are charged to be strong in the Lord and putting on His armour always. Ephesians 6: 10-12.

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