Summary: Many do not understand how they can have their sins removed as far as the East from the West and still need to stand accountable for their sins.

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The Puzzle of Sin

Psalm 103:12

Purpose : To teach that we must all stand accountable for our sins.

Intro: I teach that each of us must stand accountable to God in the judgment where we will answer for our sins. Not pay for our sins... our sins have been paid for... but stand accountable.

That causes some confusion for some who ask...

The bible says that our sins have been forgiven and removed as far as the east from the west. If that is true then how can we still stand accountable?

I can only congratulate them for knowing the bible. Psalm 103:12 does indeed say,

But OUR PROBLEM is that the scriptures also have many verses that tell us that we will stand before Jesus as judge and will give account of our lives (acts, thoughts, words, etc)

Today we want to look at the puzzle of sin.... how these verses fit together.

Now here is the problem we have today.

Preacher, you say Jesus died to pay for our sins and he has forgiven us. Is that right?


If he has forgiven us then why are we judged? And why are they brought back if they are removed as far as the east from the west?

I don’t know why God judges... I just know the Word of God declares it!

See... we still have all of these pieces. If this piece (east from west) fits in here, then we just have to throw away all of these pieces. Just tear them out of the Word of God and say they do not count... that they are lies.

I am not prepared to do that. This is God’s divine, inspired, infallible Word. If some part of it does not fit with what I believe… then it is I who must change because the Word is eternal and unchangeable.

Our real problem is caused by David’s choice of tenses

David spoke Psalm 103:12 in the PAST TENSE... as though it had already happened.

But we know for certain that it was not a present reality for David.

David lived under the old covenant, the old sacrificial system. David was still offering sacrifices every year for his sins.

Was the blood of sheep and goats sufficient to wash away sins and bring eternal pardon????


In fact, that could not possibly be true until Easter morning. Only then was Jesus proven to be our victorious Savior... victorious over sin, death, and the grave.

So we know that David was speaking prophetically. Speaking of a future reality.

When? That is the problem. When does this piece (Ps 103:12) fit in?????

Most people want to put it in here (after SALVATION). But it does not fit.

But we can’t throw away these pieces (hold up pieced unused).

The only answer it to fit all of the pieces together and finish the puzzle.

Let’s start at the beginning and then we will get to Ps 103.


Adam and Eve were created in the garden of Eden. God created Adam from nothing and Eve from a rib.

When God was done He said, "It is good."

"They were good, pure, sinless.

God expected them to stay that way and gave them rules to stay away from the two trees.


But Adam and Eve sinned by eating the forbidden fruit. They willfully and with knowledge chose to obey God. Thus they sinned.

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