Summary: Outline of 2 Kings 2:1-18 on Elijah being tranlated to heaven.


Many times we have the idea when a person reaches a certain age he is no longer useable. I spoke with a pastor that is about “retirement” age and he told me that I had better move before the age of 50, and after 55 no one wants you as pastor, then you are stuck. Elijah is now up in age and most of his life we know little about. God does have different plans for each phase of life. David said: “teach me to number my days”. Elijah was still being used. Seems now he is expanding himself with the school of the prophets. Perhaps he did learn he was not the only one serving God. Elijah means Jehovah is God. Note you want go to heaven until God says so. “When the Lord would take up Elijah in a whirlwind.”

I. Elijah Traveling

A. He Is Traveling In Submission to God’s will. (2,4,6)

(You are not too old to obey and seek God)

B. His Traveling is Symbolic (primarily he was giving last instructions to the students)

1. Gigal = home base for operations when Israel entered Canaan = security or assurance

2. Bethel = “house of God” = place of surrender and decisions

3. Jericho = spiritual warfare = Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness

4. Jordan = death Romans 6

C. His Traveling Was With A Student = 1 Kings 19:16

(Elisha = God is salvation)

II. Elijah Testing Elisha

A. It Was Testing by the Places He Went. 2,4,6

(Sometimes we need to give people room to quit – Jesus told his followers to pick the cross and follow him.)

B. It Was a Testing by the People They Came in Contact With.

(The lord is going to take the master away from your head)

C. It was a testing of persistence. (Demas forsook Paul)

III. Elijah’s Translation

A. The Followers Afar Off (7)

B. The Faithful Close By. (8)

C. The Fiery Chariot That Took Him Away (8-11)

1. When it came – Elijah was talking to Elisha – he was used to the last second of his life here.

2. How he was taken – God’s war chariot for Israel.

3. Where it went – not to a grave but to heaven.

IV. Elijah’s Testimony

A. The Student That He Left (12)

(Father = son & father, student & teacher, younger and elder, servant to a master is how the term father is used)

B. The Spirit Given to John the Baptist ( Matt. 11:12-15)

C. The Scene on the Mt. Of Transfiguration. (Matt. 17:12)

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